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Character Challenge 2022 18: Kueklluegz Khengarkang ("Kookie"), former Vargr Corsair

Just rolling dice...

A66AA8, Vargr this time, and female. Another smart character. Though depending on the rule set I may need to adjust the physical stats. As I have the reprint of the Classic Alien Modules 1-4, which has the Vargr, we'll use that. And side note - I found that book in a bookstore years ago, and, having not looked at my Traveller books in years and years, I suddenly got nostalgic and bought that and it restarted my interest in my first RPG. Not long after that I found COTI. Life was good!

Anyhoo. We adjust the strength & endurance by -1, and dexterity +1, and social is 1d. So, our revised Vargr UWP is now 975AA5 (hey, I choose the 5 I rolled for charisma!) We have a smart, strong Vargr with pretty good charisma. Using the word generation for a name, her name will have 6 syllables. Another roll and 3 for first and 3 for last. Kueklluegz Khengarkang. And we'll need some sort of Anglic name as I cannot bark that out! Kookie. Well, it is a work in progress.

Looking over the careers, and choosing the extended versions, I'll choose Corsair - I mean, this is a Vargr! How will I integrate an ex-Corsair Vargr into the station? Ahh, that shall be interesting. If I even get in - I don't actually have any DMs, but a 5+ is pretty straightforward. And a 9, Kookie is a Corsair!

Term 1

Needing to pick space or troop, she is a spacer (well, okay, I need to roll as I'll always pick spacer. Hey, I like Traveller! So, even = spacer, odd = trooper. Odd). Okay, she decides to be a trooper. 

Year 1 Basic/Advanced Training: Heavy Wpns (Auto-Cannon-1), Grav-1. I should look up the details for heavy weapons, but honestly, I think we can wait until she is actually in use and then pick what is appropriate? Nah. Opens LBB4 to find the list of heavy weapons. And back-fills the entry.

Year 2 Protection. I survive handily with a 10 but am not successful, but fortunately a 7 means no effect. I can gain a skill and choose Corsair life and pick up Gambling-1.

Year 3 Raid! Another easy survival with a 10, and no success with a 5, but again, an 8 yields no effects. No skills in this seemingly uneventful year of raiding.

Year 4 Protection, barely survive with a 5, and again, no success and this time I lose a charisma for UWP 975AA4. I do pick up a skill, and again choose Corsair and gain +1 dexterity for 975AA4.

Term 2

I just make reenlistment with a 7.

Year 1 Protection. I survive with a 6, finally succeed and yeah, no effect. And no skills. Sometimes, those dice really hate me.

Year 2 Protection. Maybe I need to become a spacer...and I am injured. A wounded Vargr who does not seem to be getting anywhere. However, having just said that I do succeed and gain a MCUF (Meritorious Conduct Under Fire) and gain a charisma back! UWP: 975AA5. Finally - some recognition!

Year 3 Garrison. While I survive, no success but no effect. And no skill. I am looking more like a Classic without expanded character generation!

Year 4 Training. And I must have really acted out. While survival is automatic, I failed, and actually get a -2 charisma and tossed out of the Corsairs! 

Mustering out

Traditionally I believe if you get tossed out you do not get the benefits for that term. So Kookie only has the 1 roll. I'll gamble and do the benefits table and she nabs education +2. And no credits to her name.

Kueklluegz Khengarkang ("Kookie"), former Vargr Corsair

975AC3, age 26, Vargr
Grav-1, Heavy Wpns (Auto-Cannon-1), Gambling-1. 
Her days as a Corsair did not do well for Kookie. She had a soft heart and raiding people to take from them just seemed to be off for her. A loaner from early on, she just never fit in anyplace. After several years of being the ground and ship boarding troops, she decided she was getting nowhere other than scarred up. Her captain, tired of her inability to really go for it, finally dropped her off at a high port far away from their last raid. He was picking up supplies and dropping off what he considered dead weight. With nothing to show for it, Kookie joined the group in Red's Quarters. She avoids most people but has managed to barely survive in the weeks she has been there. She does wander by the gambling dens but without a credit to her name, she can't even enter. She does post that she is available for hire at the hiring boards, and the Lady Aidy, having seen the wandering Vargr, has started up trying to get her employed at the DocuMat. At least it would be a job.
most of the time, she was bored

Red's Ruins, home of the destitute

Yeah, another one that did not turn out to have a happy experience! Not sure why. Maybe I need to switch games for the next character.

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