Sunday, July 15, 2018

Q'auntor Crash Site

Playing with various options in CC3+ Cosmographer. Redid the map in the book for a hand out and to mark progress.

Of course, my printer has died after less than 3 years and not a lot of printing And I had just bought a new set of ink! I'll probably get the next one up but with only 1 paper feed in the front - $149 is probably cheaper than I could get this one fixed for, and it will still handle up to 13x19 for printing.

Makes me almost ill though - that printer was not heavily used.

Refereeing again

Looks like I may be refereeing again, this time for a short 4 session month. The gaming club I go to usually does a 1 month then 2 month sessions to let people do different things. Not many have played Traveller, so this should be interesting. Just need to find out when this happens so I can start more prep. I'll need to re-read that adventure to make sure I can capture the essence of it and make it fun.

I'll be running the Flatlined adventure from Mongoose, but moving to Q'auntar in my old homebrew quadrant. The UPP is close enough, and it is on the edge of Imperial space same as Neon, just not in the Rift area. And I still have no idea where this quadrant exists in the bigger Imperial space, but that is not really important.

So hopefully this will be a bit more fun and I'll get better at refereeing. Going to be a mix of versions, but primarily Mongoose as the combat seems a bit easier and I like that armor actually helps vs the old D&D style of just making you harder to hit.

I'll allow for Vargr and Aslan alien characters although I'd prefer everyone to play human, unless they've played Traveller before and have an idea of how those aliens are supposed to act.  Way back in the day we had a player playing a Virushi, but a slightly crazy one with battle dress. Wonder if I can find that drawing I made?

Sunday, July 08, 2018


As if I get a game going, here are a bunch of maps and stuff.


Playing with maps.  Also bringing an advert in to my gaming group to see if there is interest in playing.

This is llovelly Llamma of the D'Arlee subsector.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Pilot's Guide To the D'Arlee Quadrant

WIP - this may become my playground for the next game I ref.

Link to GDrive: Pilot's Guide to D'Arlee

Friday, July 06, 2018

D'Arlee again

Slightly different view. And tomorrow - back to the ship tracker!

Got borders and the fill - lots of really nice options on the TravellerMap site. I'd be willing to pay for it...

D'Arlee Poster

Making progress - I had not realized that there was a poster form on the TravellerMap - I was actually doing the post via Postman (hey, I play with APIs for a living, so I always think about how to do it via software and did not notice the excellent and easy to use web page!)

Need to figure out how to get the top of the Imperial border off the map, and if I can stick in polity names (my League of Independent Planets smack dab in the middle there!).

Hopefully I'll get around to transcribing the history of the quadrant.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Camapign Cartographer and D'Arleee

Finally figured out the Cosmographer add-on a bit for subsectors. Still not great but making progress.

I have no idea what the dashed lines are from that map - 30 some years have not helped to remember things. There are 2 trade routes listed. I'll have to write up that trade company - I have a couple of typewritten pages, several hand-drawn images, and oddly 1 few organizational charts. Antares Shipping was approaching mega-corporation size apparently.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

All data in. Now to proofread it!

Got all four subsectors put in, but I need to review the data a bit. There also seems to be an awful lot of read and amber zones, but this section of space is pretty far away from the Imperium, somewhere on the far edge of it. So perhaps the Scouts are being extra cautious.

The Imperium's border was originally in purple on my original map, so I am just following that. Need to get the X-Boat routes in, and the trading routes. Having some issue figuring out GIMP for that stuff. Paths...

Friday, June 29, 2018

D'Arlee Quad - half done

I've got half the worlds put in, and I'm testing various TravellerMap API calls. I also found out that Heaven & Earth will import the sector file, so I can actually generate the extended systems that way. So cool to be using college stuff with software I was using in college as well as stuff that could not even exist then (I have a computer science degree pre-dating the world wide web. Internet was there if you knew the IP address...)

I've got 1 planet description that oddly is listed in a subsector but at row 11, which in the correct subsector has an entirely different world name and UWP.  I'll put in the description here though. I do want to find a place to out it.

Links A37455-8 Scout Base, non-Imperial, 2 gas giants, non-agricultural
Links' name is derived from some obscure myth. The major occupation of the people is the production of porcine products. Their quality is unsurpassed, and they produce all ranges of food derivatives from emergency rations to gourmet cookery.

*Referee Only* The mass production of food products means that supplies of high quality are readily available at discount prices. The people are gregarious so add one to all reaction rolls.