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Characters that are not characters - the Nimble Inn of Windemere

Sometimes things can take on a character of their own. The USS Enterprise, Serenity, the Baxter Building (Marvel reference, and I am not even a big Marvel fan yet I still know that!) are all examples of things that take on more than just being a backdrop. Way back in college, my Scout's ship (an upgraded 200dTon ship with a TL17 AI - yeah, we did the gonzo things, and why did I stop?!) was as much of a character as Nathan Brazil (at the time I was a big Jack Chaulker fan, though in later years I think I found a lot of his stuff actually repetitive. Probably because I read most of what he wrote). 

I keep hoping that if I can get back to running a fun game of Traveller, we'll get to play long enough for them to become invested in their ship, their home in the stars. The onus is on me to make those games fun, and I am really hoping to get to run a series of Traveller games.

Same for fantasy games, where the advantage is that I can use the same town for any fantasy game really. Why I got really deep into Windemere Crossing and Fort Covenant. And waiting to see if Organic Towns can help make these towns change and grow.

And what, I hear you asking, sparked this thought? I was reading Delver 6, and there was an article for his Tavern rule book. This little 'zine is for players who decide to buy an inn or tavern and has various ways to produce profit. I realized this was the same thing as Organic Town purports to be, except writ small. And sometimes starting small is a good thing.

And then that brought the thought to mind that I really can treat both my tavern-to-be and towns as characters and have them go through the rules & processes to see what happens. I need to re-read the town & tavern rules, but my plan is to have a post dedicated to that growth on a regular basis. I need to have goals else I just sit here. I did a brief overview of that concept here, and the taverns rules are here. I know I have the PDF, and I need to see if I bought the actual paper copy. I do prefer to get both as I really prefer reading "real" books. Probably because I already spend way too much time in front of a screen (as I type this, in front of a screen). Ahh, and yes, it was with the other copies of Delver magazine. Note that I have a couple of auto-backs: 0-Hr for spaceships, and Delver as it is full of fun random things. That I really hope to use some day! 

First, we'll need to add a tavern to Windemere Crossing and Fort Covenant. As a reminder, here's the first post for Windemere Crossing. And in re-reading that, sad that we never got there: the kids I was playing with dropped out of gaming, so we never actually got there. But as I will be running some OSE games in the near future (and quite possibly some Fantasy Trip as well), and I just like world building, we'll just keep on building.

We already have 2 inns in Windemere we can expand on: the Nimble Priest Inn and the Silver Pirate Inn. Looking at the PDF of the Organic Towns book (I really want the physical book to arrive as it is hard to flip around in a PDF for me vs an open book with bookmarks. And I sit behind a computer all day). There are 3 levels for inns - I, II, III. I is basically a bunkhouse, II the more classic inn of most RPGs, and III a much richer guest estate. And taverns follow a similar step: Alehouse is your basic tavern, a tavern adds a private lounge and basement, and then the grand tavern is quite the hoity-toity place. Both give bonuses to the towns they are in. 

For this post, as it got a lot longer than I expected while writing it, we'll focus on the Nimble Inn.

The Nimble Priest Inn is a level II inn based on my original description

The Nimble Priest Inn. A large 2 story building with a basement below the main floor, The Nimble Priest is run by the acolytes of the Fair Lady. Fellow clerics and acolytes get a good discount, everyone else pays fair coin for the rooms. Rooms range from a few coppers to sleep in the stable above the riding mounts, 5 silvers for a shared room and breakfast, 1 gold for a single room and breakfast. The Fair Lady is a deity none of the characters would have heard of before. 

Thank goodness searching in posts actually works well - Google does do that well despite other faults they may have). Because of this inn, Windemere Crossing gains 0.5% population growth as well as an extra 20 SP (settlement points) a month. We also have a few other tidbits of info from various previous posts:

Every few weeks however, he (Ira Sprigbasher, the sheriff) gets drunk at the Nimble Priest Inn and stays there versus his rooms above the sheriffs' station near the north of town. The acolytes pray over him, knowing something is off but not sure what it is.

He (Ellis Newtonson) visits the Nimble Priest Inn every 3 days, lighting a candle in one of the back rooms that serves as a generic sanctuary. Each year he petitions for an actual temple, or at least using one of the many abandoned buildings for a sanctuary.

Zhou Smithensonne is the local High Priestess of the Followers of the Fair Lady. She runs the Nimble Priest Inn in Windemere. There is a small cadre of 5 other priestesses who assist with the operations, including Wren, who is a most excellent cook.

He (Timothy Dixon) goes by the Nimble Priest Inn once in a while, and if a bit flush with gold perhaps the Devilish Waters.

Guess these character challenges help me fill worlds full of NPCs. Re-reading about our priestess, I see I partially developed an entire sect for Tinma, one of my gods I've yet to detail out, other than she is the Goddess of All Living Things. Which is a pretty broad thing. Perhaps there are more levels and gods and goddesses in my pantheon I need to develop.

Okay, so once a month when we work on our settlement upgrades, we now have a slight population increase as well as more points to spend. I see I'll need a notebook with a summary page for the town, then worksheets for each building that helps that town and how to improve things. I also think if I do this right, I can generate a living history of the town for when players come into it (oh yeah, they just added those new floors to the Nimble Priest a few months back - said it makes the bards sound better). Of course, this is actually a fair amount of work to do on paper. And as I write software for a living, I can see a lot of potential to doing something to help track this a bit better, especially all the bonus SP and population points. I also see it as a very niche thing - the Kickstarter had 1600 backers, so even doubling that implies a very small number of people go this level of trouble. Sadly I already see the SQL schema but will refrain from starting another project. One of these days I will get back to my Traveller trade program (the original intent of this blog was to track that progress!). 

Though this is actually from WDW I think, it is close to how I see the outside of the Nimble Priest Inn

And while looking for taverns and inns, this posting from Imgur has some nice concept art that can help bring taverns to life.

And back to the original point: how is the Nimble Inn doing this month? Opening up the Taverns book, being a small inn, rolling 1d6 on that chart they have a 53 gold profit. There are modifiers we can apply based on things such as reputation and so forth. For reputation they are like home, so no change there. We can also check for any awards we may have received: Yiko's Medal of Superior Service which gives us another 3% so 4 more silver, 5 coppers. Looking at improvements from the Tavern book (which will fit into the Organic Town improvements I think), there is not much there for the Nimble Inn, Via Organic Towns, we could expand to the level III with very nice accommodations. However, that does not fit my idea of this martial artist priestess-led inn. They want inner wealth, not the trappings of the secular world. Taverns also has options for travelling bards, and story tellers (which was in Delver 6) to bring in more guests. For this month, they brought in Trimgell Sandsharp who tells the tale of the Night of the Two Headed Werewolf.

To the crowded room, Trimgell tells the tale of Taleck Driss, the thief, his partner Misun Essim another thief, Krale Jarrish the magic user and Yurk Brokestar, a fighter. The tale starts outside the walls of a monastery. Howls heard in the night, and the glimpse of the creature high on the city walls. The valiant group first encounters the werewolf in the at a wagon, eating a dead merchant (+4GP). While they wounded it (+2GP) Krale was killed in the fight. Chasing after the beast through the town, it was cornered at cliff's edge. Horribly, the two-headed beast split into 2 creatures - a wizard werewolf and a cleric (+4GP). then leapt into the darkness, leaving a trail of blood. Tracking the blood to the creture's lair, they found six kidnapped children! (+2GP). In the end the remaining adventurers killed both the evil cleric and his werewolf, saving the day and the children (+6GP). 

Adding all that up, there is another 16 gold. Rolling on yet another table, apparently despite the thrilling tale, the patrons were bored so we only double this to 32 gold. This brings the month's total to 76 gold, 4 silver and 5 coppers. 

Additionally this month, a wizard has come into town, looking for children with magical abilities. Rolling on that table, he finds plenty and plans on staying to train them (from Organic Towns).

I'll have to see about worksheets - I think Organic Towns has some, and I need to modify those or add to them for the Taverns rules. And I need to find my Windemere folder - I had printed out a good deal of this, and now need to add my worksheets and all this.

Finally, there are also some game hooks now for the Nimble Inn. We've got several characters, wandering bards telling tales, and possibly some adventure hooks. Fighting at the Nimble Inn seems a bit dangerous as those priestesses are quite adept with those quarterstaffs. They could see the drunken sheriff heading home and about to get waylaid. Perhaps Rennor Lurbuk gets in over her head, and if the adventurers rescue her, her family feels they owe them. And any magic users may want to train with the wizard if this is a period when they level up (my games I tend to do the level up mostly like TFT - you need to actually train and rest, they don't magically appear in the middle of an adventure. Though combat skills can as those are getting used, but learning new spells requires the resources and time).

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Character Challenge 2023: 31 and 31/31: Traveller Navy

It is going to have to be a double feature today as I missed yesterday. And now 2 days... And since I got a cool little spaceship from 0-Hr, figured I can use that as my mini and get 2 Navy people for it, and maybe also some Traveller stats for the ship as a bonus. 

Imperial Close Escort Pounder's Luck and her shuttle

The Pounder's Luck was part of a squadron in a system siege when disaster struck. A mistaken command caused the ship to take fire, killing several of the gunnery crew. Ensign Silvers was relieved of duty following his actions. 

I am also going to use Book 5: High Guard as I've always liked that book. I've built a lot of useless ships over the years!

UPP: A7577A male, good social rank so that helps with the commissions and all that, though the getting in part he has no DMs (education and intelligence help there. But perhaps some education and see if we can get into OCS or something to help. Our Naval wannabe gets into the Naval Academy by the skin of his teeth and his social connections. Barely passing, he does pick up 2 education for a UPP of A7579A, but no honors. He also miraculously gains Vacc Suit-1, Navigation-1 and Engineering-1. Commissioned into the Imperial Navy and now 22, he is ready to start his career as an Ensign. Also, because of his social standing, he can choose which branch to join, and picks the Line. 

Ensign Vikto Silvers, Imperial Navy

A7677A, age 22
Vacc-Suit-2, Liaison-1, Engineering-1, Navigation-1, JoT-1

Coming from an upper-middle class family, Vikto joined the Imperial Navy after barely scraping by in the Naval Academy. In the 4 years he's been an officer, he has yet to get promoted or decorated despite having 2 military operations. Currently a bridge officer of the Pounder's Luck, he is a broad-shouldered man with close-cut brown hair. He takes his job seriously but does not seem to impress his senior officers. Unbeknown to him, the Imperial Navy is not going to renew his commission after his current tour.

Term 1 (22-25)

Year 1: Basic and Advanced Training

Looks like he was practicing in the voids of space as well as the close quarters of a ship, and gains Vacc Suit-2, Liaison-1

Year 2: Command, Strike

Having a vacc-2 skill, that gives him a DM for survival. Going to take that off and apply it to the decoration roll. He survives, but does not get a decoration other than the service ribbon. He is also not promoted but does pick up Jack-of-Trades-1 from the shipboard skills table. 

Year 3: Staff, Shore Duty

Stuck at a dirtside Naval port, he easily survives and still no decoration, nor can he be promoted as he is an officer. He does pick up +1 endurance - he ran a lot around the landing fields! UPP A7677A

Year 4: Command, Siege

I made it riskier, and he survived, but still no decoration! Nor a promotion, even though he picks up Bribery-1. He'd better learn to show he makes a good officer rather than learning to grease palms!

He actually failed to re-enlist, so he will be a young ensign in the time we're posting this character.

Lieutenant Anamara Gunch, Imperial Navy

AA7BC8, age 33 at time of death
Mechanical-2, Ship's Lasers-1, Ship's Missiles-1, Ship's Energy Wpns-1, Handgun-1, Electronics-1, Gravatics-1, Bribery-1, Gambling-1

Coming from a middle-class family, the quite brilliant Anamara graduated college with honors, but failed to get into medical school. Disillusioned, she joined the Imperial Navy and entered the Gunnery Branch. She really loves the big guns, and learned to use most ship weapons. A constant tinkerer, she honed her skills in several other areas and was known as the go-to person for repairing things. Recognized by the Navy for her abilities, she went to OCS and rose to the rank of lieutenant before her untimely death at the Siege of Arbiquest.

UPP: A87B88 female. A good deal smarter than Vikto, Anamara Gunch also goes to college, gains a considerable amount of education (maxed out that roll) and squeaks by with honors, UPP: A87BC8. Our stalwart graduate applies to medical school, but is rejected, and so joins the Imperial Navy as a Spacehand Recruit. The roll for branch selection puts her in the Gunnery branch (missed medical by 1!). 

Term 1 (22-25)

Year 1: Basic Training

She likes the big guns, and picks up Ship's Lasers-1, Ship's Missiles-1. 

Year 2: Siege

Barely surviving her first combat, she receives a MCUF (Meritorious Conduct Under Fire). Promoted to Spacehand Apprentice, she picks up +1 dexterity (which oddly helps her promotion rolls). UPP A97BC8

Year 3: Special Duty: Engineering School

Deciding to cross-train in engineering. She picks up Mechanical-1, Electronics-1, Gravatics-1, Engineering-1. Somehow, I made all 5's and 6's and she got ALL the skills. Usually I am lucky if I get 1. 

Year 4: Special Duty: Officer Candidate School

Recognized for her brilliance, she is sent to OCS. She is now an ensign, rank O1, in the Gunnery branch.

Term 2: (26-29)

Year 1: Staff, Patrol

While neither promoted nor decorated, she picks up Mechanical-2 from the shipboard life table. She is a tinkerer.

Year 2: Training

Sent back to training, she picks up Ship's Energy Wpns-1. Back to her love of shooting big guns. 

Year 3: Staff, Siege

She survives, picks up another MCUF and gets promoted to O2, Sublieutenant. Somehow, she picks up Bribery-1. Those staff positions must be awfully interesting!

Year 4: Shore Duty

No promotions (and officers can only get promoted once per term I think) and no decorations, nor skills. She languished at the base, taking it far too easy!

Term 3 (30-33)

Year 1: Staff, Patrol

She is promoted to O3, Lieutenant, and picks up another dexterity for UPP AA7BC8 which really puts her at near-heroic levels. 

Year 2: Command, Training

Finally put in a command position, she is posted to training. She picks up Handgun-1 - it is not always the size that matters!

Year 3: Staff, Shore Duty

On base, she picks up Gambling-1. She played a lot of games!

Year 4: Command, Siege

This is the year she dies...dang, and it was going so well! Perhaps her death is why Vikto is not still in the service - his actions caused the death of his crewmates!

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Character Challenge 2023: 29/31: Traveller Port Authority Cargojack

Just rolling some dice! 76B796. Mostly average attributes though a high endurance and a bit smarter. Decided to dig into the Zombicide:Invaders box. And it turns out I had painted a couple of those minis - I was using them for characters in games back when we were playing face to face. Entirely forgot about that it has been so long.

This one was one of the civilian extras from that KS campaig, a thinly disguised Leeloo from the Fifth Element (they really were pushing the copyright buttons, making them just different enough, though one set did have to get redone if I recall). Based on the scene I just created, I figure she is a Port Authority person, trying to tell this large alien that perhaps parking in the middle of a cargo bay is not the best place to park.

I have a few Port Authority careers, but my favorite has always been the JTAS one, as that is where I first saw it. And I really miss those magazines. Mongoose sort of re-did them (with an awful lot of just copying what was already done) but their binding makes them hard to read. And I am really not liking the Mongoose approach to Traveller. Which is fine: I have all my Classic stuff, and there seems to be enough people liking it. Just too Judge Dread style for me I think). 

Autora Flinx, Port Authority Cargojack

77B796 3 terms, age 30, rank O2
Ships Boat-2, Grav-Vehicle-2, Admin-2, Carousing-2, Navigation-1, Vacc Suit-1, Bribery-1, Forgery-1

Autora Flinx hails from a mid-tech world, and works at the Brashnigii Port, a class B port located next to the Proxli Sea. An industrial-style port, Brashnigii often has huge freighters land on-planet. These freighters often have cargo bays larger than some small ships, and the Port Authority often has to check those bays for contraband, pathogens and other things. She has been a cargojack since entering the service, and is chief for Epsilon Group, which handles the huge freighters carry cargo to and from the world. A bit of a hotshot who loves driving and piloting shuttles, she still does her job but has been known to let small things slide for the right price. A good person to know at the port if you need to know what is going on, and maybe slip something past security.

You don't get to park that truck in the cargo bay, mister!
though now sure whose truck that is - pretty sure the critter from Zombicide is not going to fit!

Term 1 (18-21)

Year 1, Year 2: Basic Training

Working the yards, she becomes quite nimble at dodging loading cranes and crazy truckers. She also learns how to get along a bit better with the ship crew and officers. Gaining +1 dexterity (UPP: 77B796) and Liaison-1 skill, Autoro gets out of basic training a bit quicker, a bit more polished.

Year 3: Transfer?

She is offered a chance to transfer to a nearby system with a class A port, but Autora has family and friends here, and actually likes Brashnigii Port - there is this great little hole in wall diner that serves the best vegni steak you have ever had! She instead picks up Grav-1 deciding that perhaps she wants to be one of those crazy truck drivers.

Year 4: Shuttle Duty

Taking to driving trucks, and now shuttles, Autora really takes a shine to driving and piloting. This year she flies small shuttles and picks up all the skills:  Ship's Boat-1, Navigation-1, Vacc-Suit-1, Grav Vehicle-2.  

Term 2 (22-25)

Year 1: Customs and Security

Her bosses think she is getting a little too comfortable flying all over the port, and Autora spends this year in customs and security. Not a glamorous job, she apparently makes friends in low places and picks up Forgery-1

Year 2: Orbital Yard

After a year inspecting cargo bays, she spends this year at the high port. Bored with restrictions of living in a big tin can in the sky, she parties a bit hard this year. No promotions, barely survives (hey, she did get the vacc suit on despite being drunk) and picks up Carousing-1 

Year 3: Orbital Yard

She was retained in her position. Sadly, still no promotion, survival was easier, but no skills. Autora is working on automatic, bored out of her head.

Year 4: Customs and Security

Moved back to this section, Autora is actually promoted to officer rank, and, still having friends in low places, picks up Bribery-1 as a new skill.

Term 3 (26-29)

Year 1: Customs and Security

While not promoted this year, Autora seems to be settling into her role and picks up Admin-1. Between that and forgery and bribery, as well as liaison, she can probably get around in any administrative setting!

Year 2: Customs and Security

She feels like she has found her groove: picking up Admin-2 and promoted to an O2 rank, Autora is finally taking her job and career choice seriously.

Year 3: Ground Element 

Back on the synthacrete pads, she is moving cargo around without needing to inspect it. Going back to her earlier ways, she visits the off-port bars a bit too much and gets Carousing-2 as she gets back to her partying ways.

Year 4: Orbital Element

Back operating to and from the high port, Autora picks up Ship's Boat-2, bcoming a bit of a hot-shot shuttle pilot. She also thinks she has had enough working for the Port Authority, and may leave the service at the of this year.

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Character Challenge 2023: 28/31: OSE Dwarf

I should do more Traveller characters as this is ostensibly a Traveller blog. It has become my general blog as I just can't see creating a new one for different things. And gaming is the common thread for all the posts for the most part (with the occasional tirade or self-doubt showing up, but I try & not get too maudlin. Though I do have a post I never published last year that was quite the anger-fest then an apology at the end. Anyway...) Unfortunately I have far more fantasy minis than SF ones. Though I did just get a 28mm scale grav truck, so I'll find a mini for that to have it show up. I could dig into the Zombicide:Invaders set as that has a lot of SF minis!

I pulled out the Dwarf fighter from the Fantasy Series 1 box. And hoping (though with little confidence) that FS2 will actually get made, as they flipped the gender on most of the minis which is a pretty cool thing. I actually have several metal Dwarves from the 80s, which now look even smaller. But bigger minis are easier to paint. Assuming I get around to painting!

Deciding to see about background generators, I found this site and did a Dwarf background. These sorts of things are pretty handy - I worry that I just don't think outside my own box quite often. Though I've not bought any of the various generators created by a lot of the companies I back on Kickstarter or directly. Seems to me a web-based one is better for me.

As there is a LOT of backstory, I'll post it after the character gets created. If this were a real character I were to play, there are several NPCs that the GM could toss in to help motivate me to specific goals. In fact - I plan on doing the same thing I did with the Apex game: have the players come up with some backstories and at least 1 usable NPC and location, and we'll start at least level 2 (so they don't die when they trip over a cat). And I am going to do the "if you roll a 1 you can re-roll until you get something higher". I'll use that rule for attributes and HP. I could do the roll 4d and take the 3 highest, but I really prefer characters that are not superheroes. I know - somewhat atypical of most players. Think I fall into the more story-teller/casual gamer spectrum of gamers, not the min/max style. I also note that there is not actual character description in that generator: facts and history, but not what kind of a Dwarf he is. We will extrapolate from all that.

  • Strength: 12
  • Intelligence: 14
  • Wisdom: 12
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Constitution: 9
  • Charisma: 11
And looking at the Dwarf race, we adjust our charisma to 10 and bump our constitution to 10. As a Dwarf, he can only use small or normal-sized weapons. No long bows or two-handed swords! He has a 2 in 6 chance of detecting new construction, sloping floors or sliding walls, as well as a 2 in 6 chance of detecting non-magical traps. He has infravision to 60'. And a 2 in 6 chance when listening at doors. He also gets a +2 to some saving throws which will be incorporated in his character sheet.

Have fun storming the castle! I have a lot more Dwarves than I remember - there are even more of the old metal ones not put out here! Again, the scale has dramatically changed since the 70s!

Okhead Rumnanvil is what appears to be your typical dwarf: short, broad, bearded, and carrying a big hammer. However, he is more withdrawn than most Dwarves, and actually does not drink. He is an adventurer, looking for the thing that will fulfill the prophecy that he will do great things. Quiet and slow to anger, once he is mad, he does stay mad for a long time. That anger has caused Keltho Tosscobble to become a sworn enemy. As Okhead was drunk at the time, and managed to burn down the house and losing everything he and Keltho had, he has decided that the sober life is a better choice. He is not popular among other Dwarves because of this. His love, Isamund Lincoln, is currently far away.

Parents: You know of your parents.

  • Mother: Nora Rumnanvil, Neutral Good Dwarf Fighter that works as an Explorer/Wanderer. Your relationship was hostile. She is dead, killed by execution for a crime.
  • Father: Morkral Rumnanvil, Neutral Dwarf Fighter that works as a Laborer. Your relationship was friendly. He is alive and well.

Siblings: 1

  • Younger sibling. Olordek Rumnanvil, Neutral Good Dwarf Bard that works as an Entertainer. Your relationship was friendly. He is alive and well.

Family: You were raised by a paternal or maternal aunt, uncle, or both; or extended family like tribe or clan. Your father was imprisoned or enslaved and your mother died.

  • Primary guardian: Thomas Breeden, Neutral Good Human Bard that works as an Entertainer. Your relationship was friendly. He is alive and quite successful.

Lifestyle: Comfortable. Grew up in a small house.

Childhood: Others saw you as being different or strange, and so you had few companions.


  • Background: Folk Hero
  • Motivation: A mad old hermit spoke a prophecy when you were born, saying that you would accomplish great things.
  • Class: Fighter
    • Origin: You squired for a knight who taught you how to fight, care for a steed, and conduct yourself with honor. You decided to take up that path for yourself.
  • Events: 9
    • You made a friend of an adventurer.
      • Tagga Tewksbury, Lawful Good Half-Orc Fighter that works as an Adventurer. Your relationship was friendly. She is missing.
  • You gained a bit of good fortune. A relative bequeathed you a simple weapon of your choice.
  • You made an enemy of an adventurer, you were at fault.
    • Keltho Tosscobble, Neutral Halfling Cleric that works as a Soldier. Your relationship was friendly. He is alive and quite successful.
  • You spent time working as a Folk Hero.
  • You met someone important.
    • Blossom Cherrycheeks, Neutral Good Halfling Artificer that works as an Explorer/Wanderer. Your relationship was friendly. She is dead, killed by natural causes.
  • You started dating.
    • Isamund Lincoln, Neutral Human Ranger that works as an Artisan. Your relationship was friendly. She is alive and quite successful.
  • You suffered a tragedy. You lost all your possessions in a disaster, and you had to rebuild your life.
  • You made an enemy of an adventurer, you were blameless.
    • Naal Mellereth, Neutral Elf Cleric that works as a Hunter. Your relationship was friendly. He is alive and well.
  • You spent time working as a Folk Hero.

Day 1: Classic Traveller Scientist                   Day 2: OSE Gnome Illusionist  

Day 3: Mongoose 2e Navy Commander         Day 4: The Fantasy Trip Spy

Day 5: Aslan Outcast                                       Day 6: Traveller Army Commando

Day 7: OSE 4th Level Cleric                           Day 8: Mongoose Traveller Journalist

Day 9: Delve Goblin                                        Day 10: Space Gits Military Intelligence

Day 11: Traveller 5.10 ex-student                   Day 12: Traveller Assassin Aslan

Day 13: TFT Elf Mage                                   Day 14: Classic Traveller Pirate

Day 15: OSE Mycelian                                   Day 16: The Gravedigger

Day 17: Delve Witch                                       Day 18: OSE Fighter

Day 19: Traveller Belter                                  Day 20: TFT Halfling

Day 21: OSE Centaur Druid                            Day 22: Agnes Birmingham, Collector

Day 23: Apex Socialite                                    Day 24, Day 25: Traveller Military

Day 26: OSE Acrobat                                      Day 27: Fantasy Git Half-Orc Fighter

Day 28: OSE Dwarf Fighter

Friday, January 27, 2023

Character Challenge 27/31: Fantasy Gits

Well, it was only $1 with a coupon. And is basically Space Gits reskinned with fantasy elements but essentially the same game. Opening up the Fantasy Series 1 Box (and read the comments for this if you are not familiar with a badly run KS project) has some actually pretty decent minis. Looking at an Orc, we'll go with he is a half-Orc. 

As per Space Gits, you start with 10 in each of the attributes, but the half-Orc gives you a +2 strength. Starting then we have Gungther the half-Orc:

  • Strength: 12
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Health: 10
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Wisdom: 10
  • Charisma: 10
We can also move a couple of points around. While you think, hey, I'll just take some from charisma, you would be wrong. Charisma is also used for intimidation, and I want him to be intimidating! We'll just leave those as-is and see what happens in the career he goes through. Which are 5-year terms instead of 4. He also starts with the skills of 1-Handed, 2-Handed and Brawling-1. And talents are intimidating - enemies are at a disadvantage when they see Gungther!

Of course, he will choose the fighter career - that's all he knows. 

Term 1 (18-22)

He gains +1 charisma (CHA 11), and now has Brawl-2. His activities also give him +2 renown. The renown helps him get more money for jobs, as well as more respect or fear. 

Term 2 (23-27)

His next few years, he picks up +1 wisdom (WIS: 11) and Perception, He can also specialize, and is a Warrior through and through. He picks up Blacksmith as a skill so he can repair his often-damaged weapons and armor. He also manages to learn a new talent and chooses 2-Handed-2

Term 3 (28-32)

Getting stronger, strength is now ST: 13. And despite his bulk, picks up Athletics-1 as well as another 2-Handed-3. He knows how to swing a big-ass sword! He also gains a contact, so that will be useful in-game later.

Aging is also a thing in this game, though it is actually a positive: Gungther actually gains +1 intelligence, so INT: 11. 

Term 4 (33-37)

Last term before joining a mercenary group. He gains wisdom again for WIS: 12. He is becoming pretty good at being a Blacksmith-2 and learns the Crossbow-1. He also gets another wisdom boot: WIS: 12

At this point, his attributes are:

  • Strength: 13 (+3)
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Health: 10
  • Intelligence: 11 (+1)
  • Wisdom: 12 (+2)
  • Charisma: 11 (+1)

Now Gungther is part of the Black Blades. a sell sword. He lasts for 4 years before starting the game waking at the bottom of the charnel pit. But before that, he starts off with medium leather armor, lantern, first aid kit, rope, bedroll, a week of rations, and a 2-handed sword. He also has Dirty Fighter as a skill.

There are 6 derived stats: wounds (HP) is 10 (no health modifier). Defense class (AC) is 10 (no dexterity modifier), initiative is 1. His movement is 30', and he has 1 luck point. He also has 3 mana points. His XP die is a d4.

Gungther, Half-Orc Fighter

Living a hard life, Gungther has taken his knocks but has come back stronger and smarter. Large even by Orc standards, he is a brawler - he loves to fight and will often appear to fight just for the heck of it. Yet there is a method to this: he has gained renown as a fighter not because he picks stupid fights, but because he fights smart. Resilient and brave, Gungther never backs down from a fight, but he is careful about getting into fights to begin with.

Gungther vs an Octopus warriar

Day 1: Classic Traveller Scientist                   Day 2: OSE Gnome Illusionist  

Day 3: Mongoose 2e Navy Commander         Day 4: The Fantasy Trip Spy

Day 5: Aslan Outcast                                       Day 6: Traveller Army Commando

Day 7: OSE 4th Level Cleric                           Day 8: Mongoose Traveller Journalist

Day 9: Delve Goblin                                        Day 10: Space Gits Military Intelligence

Day 11: Traveller 5.10 ex-student                   Day 12: Traveller Assassin Aslan

Day 13: TFT Elf Mage                                   Day 14: Classic Traveller Pirate

Day 15: OSE Mycelian                                   Day 16: The Gravedigger

Day 17: Delve Witch                                       Day 18: OSE Fighter

Day 19: Traveller Belter                                  Day 20: TFT Halfling

Day 21: OSE Centaur Druid                            Day 22: Agnes Birmingham, Collector

Day 23: Apex Socialite                                    Day 24, Day 25: Traveller Military

Day 26: OSE Acrobat                                      Day 27: Fantasy Git Half-Orc Fighter

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Character Challenge 2023: 26/31: OSE Monk

Reading my friend's challenge character for a C&C monk reminded me that my first D&D character I made was a monk, Dilbert I think. This was way back in the early 80s, I had none of the books and we generated the character probably in a session 0. The only thing I can really remember is that even then, the dice gods hated me & he could never hit anything either. He had an intelligent scythe, and that thing hated that monk as all he did was dig into the ground, I think. We had a lot of fun playing that. I still have fun even when I roll crappy: I just picture Fugh the Goblin flaying away like a 5-year-old having a temper tantrum: full of sound and fury but not doing a lot other than making noise and swinging wildly (the GM even gave me a fighting boost from one side adventure, but I still have barely a 50/50 chance of hitting anything in a melee combat encounter. 

Interestingly, there is no monk class in OSE. Found a few places and ideas, but I'll could just crib from this post or perhaps from here. Or, in reading over the acrobat, that looks an awfully lot like a monk in terms of skill sets, just no religious overtones. Though I can add them in. We'll stick with the official rules, hoping that a monk class will come about at some point.

Rolling our stats:

  • Strength: 11
  • Intelligence: 9, speaks & is literate in common, lawful
  • Wisdom: 11
  • Dexterity: 16 +2 AC, +2 missile, +1 initiative
  • Constitution: 12
  • Charisma: 12
I did swap one set of rolls as dexterity is the primary stat for this class. Rolling my d4 of levels, and my even/odd for gender, we have a male 3rd level acrobat. And now I realize I need to find a mini that could be this particular class, though any roguish character miniature would probably be just fine. He has some nice skills (which are percentage-based):
  • CS - Climb sheer surfaces: 89%
  • FA - Falling and removes or reduces damage: 25%
  • HS - Hide in shadows (no movement at all): 20%
  • MS - Move silently: 30%
  • TW - tightrope walking (and beams and ledges): 70%
They cannot wear much in the way of armor other than leathers, and while they can use all missile weapons, they are limited to light blades and staffs. When running from combat, enemies do not get the +2 to hit (which is good to know that that is a thing: I really need to read up on the combat rules before running a game!). Acrobats are apparently quite evasive. There are some nice jumping rules - with a 20' lead, they can leap a 10' pit or chasm - so that's how we can get that rope to the other side!

Where it is an awful lot like a monk, a tumbling attack in melee does double damage. Against an unaware opponent, they also get a +4 to hit. We can rework this thematically as a fighting technique, though it does not improve by level. 3d4 for HP gives us 10 (I will allow any 1s to be re-rolled).

Tuncer Mete, Monk of the Drunken Goblet

The Drunken Goblet is not really a monastery or sect, but rather a name from a troupe of acrobats that wander the world in a large circus. Tuncer has been with the troupe almost 20 years, prematurely bald yet quite happy with it, saying it saves him from having to get his hair cut. While the troupe does wear what one assumes are monk robes, they are in fact a light leather armor. Sometimes juggling with knives does not always work out well! A heavy drinker who seems to fight better the more drunk he is, Tuncer always makes sure to find the best tavern in any town they visit. He has been known to do jobs for various adventurers, but is strict about not breaking any laws, and he does not see morality as a grey area. While occasionally profound, he is usually blithely drinking beer and watching the world with a grin on his face.

Hold my beer....

Day 1: Classic Traveller Scientist                   Day 2: OSE Gnome Illusionist  

Day 3: Mongoose 2e Navy Commander         Day 4: The Fantasy Trip Spy

Day 5: Aslan Outcast                                       Day 6: Traveller Army Commando

Day 7: OSE 4th Level Cleric                           Day 8: Mongoose Traveller Journalist

Day 9: Delve Goblin                                        Day 10: Space Gits Military Intelligence

Day 11: Traveller 5.10 ex-student                   Day 12: Traveller Assassin Aslan

Day 13: TFT Elf Mage                                   Day 14: Classic Traveller Pirate

Day 15: OSE Mycelian                                   Day 16: The Gravedigger

Day 17: Delve Witch                                       Day 18: OSE Fighter

Day 19: Traveller Belter                                  Day 20: TFT Halfling

Day 21: OSE Centaur Druid                            Day 22: Agnes Birmingham, Collector

Day 23: Apex Socialite                                    Day 24, Day 25: Traveller Military

Day 26: OSE Acrobat

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Character Challenge 2023: 24 & 25/31 - 2 Traveller/Apex Characters

I am behind so will have to do 2 today to catch up. I pulled some other minis from the same bag as Lady Bláth Ní Faracháin so I can at least get her top bodyguard, Brock, and her hat assistant (our games sometimes seem to have some very hat-centric stories).  I could produce these in the Apex rules, but think I'll do Brock as a Traveller military person, then get the Apex info from that. The hat-assistant (she really does more than that: the mini is actually a female military person that happens to be holding a backpack which we can say is a set of hat bags) may also be Traveller to begin with, but then I'll do a quick Apex makeover. 

Rolling up some 2d6 Traveller stats: 56AA87 and getting an odd, this will be Brock's initial UPP. High endurance and intelligence, he looks like he would survive best in the Army (Marines not quite as easy to get in or survive...hmm, 50/50 and - Army it is). 

Brock Avernii, Army Captain 2 Terms, age 25 56AA97

Blade-1, Rifle-1, Medical-1
Raised in hills of Wales, Brock joined the Army and spent 8 years learning skills and living often in the wilds. Having been commissioned and promoted early in his career, it stagnated after that. Deciding the private life would be better suited for him, and having met Lady Bláth Ní Faracháin during his second term, he applied to be in her bodyguard, and her parents and she agreed. A tall, dark-haired man with a prominent chin, Brock is rock-steady in the face of combat, but turns to a blushing, stuttering fool around women, even his charge. 

Term 1 (18-21)

Getting into the Army as soon as he completed high school, Brock is rapidly commissioned as a Lieutenant and promoted to Captain. He gets +1 EDU, Blade Combat (Blade)-1 and Gun Combat (Rifle)-1. Sadly, his strength gives him a negative DM for most bladed weapons. Hopefully We'll roll a personal development strength roll!

We'll do one more term - for the Apex game this bodyguard is 2-3 levels below our socialite, so he will be a younger and not full of amazing skills. And he does make re-enlistment.

Term 2 (22-25)

He barely survives, and does not get promoted, so only 1 skill. I've been rolling sequentially on the tables, and so he picks up Medical-1 from the advanced education table. He musters out, disappointed that he was not promoted.

Mustering out

He gets a middle passage and Cr5000. We'll drop that to Cr4,000 as he is buying equipment before getting hired as chief security for her Ladyship.

Apex stats

Level 2 Mercenary, 15HP, Defense: 14, Saving roll: 13, XP: 2000
  • Strength: 8
  • Intelligence: 13
  • Wisdom: 12
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Constitution: 13
  • Charisma: 10 (rolled)
Weapon specialization: Rifle (+1 to hit, +1 damage; from the Traveller Rifle)
Advantage on save vs poison and death
  • First Aid (1d4+2 on binding wounds for the Traveller medic skill)
  • Accuracy (+2 to ranged attacks)

Anita Close, Marine Corporal 1 term, age 22 A79786

Pistol-1, Mechanical-1
Travellers Aid

A79786. Goodness - twice as strong as Brock! She gets better DMs for the Marines, so let's see if she gets in. And yes, if only by that +2 DM! Anita will be a 1 term Marine to keep her also a low-level character. A chatterer, Anita has a hard time keeping her mouth closed. Despite her 4 years as a Marine, she still is not as quiet as she needs to be at times. Very organized, she keeps notes on everything she does and needs in a small notebook she keeps with her. Constantly organizing things, any room she is in will be put in order not long after she arrives. Dark-skinned with red hair usually tied up in a ponytail, she prefers her Marine fatigues rather than more feminine clothing, despite her Ladyship's gentle admonitions.  Fortunately, her broad shoulders readily carry the various accouterments of her Ladyship.

Term 1 (18-21)

Entering the Marines, she survives but is not commissioned. She does get promoted to E2, Corporal (taking the enlisted ranks from book 4). Going to give her 2 rolls: she picks up Gun (Pistol)-1 and Mechanical-1. Deciding that the military life is not for her, she leaves the Marines and picks up Traveller's Aid. It is in those surroundings where she meets and is soon hired as Lady Bláth Ní Faracháin's assistant, mostly to keep track of her hats and clothing.

Apex Stats

Level 1 Mercenary, 14HP, Defense: 14, Saving roll: 14, XP 600 
  • Strength: 14 (+1)
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Wisdom: 10
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Constitution: 13
  • Charisma: 12 (rolled)
Weapon Specialization: Pistol (+1 to hit, +1 damage; from the Traveller Rifle)
Advantage on save vs poison and death
  • Tough as nails (1 armor reduction). those Marines are tough!
Nothing in Apex per se to deal with that mechanical skill. She is just handy with a wrench.

Brock (left), Lady Bláth Ní Faracháin and Anita in front of the Faracháin  Home
(really a picture of Monticello, from a puzzle. If you get a chance, visit it as it is a really interesting place)

Day 1: Classic Traveller Scientist                   Day 2: OSE Gnome Illusionist  

Day 3: Mongoose 2e Navy Commander         Day 4: The Fantasy Trip Spy

Day 5: Aslan Outcast                                       Day 6: Traveller Army Commando

Day 7: OSE 4th Level Cleric                           Day 8: Mongoose Traveller Journalist

Day 9: Delve Goblin                                        Day 10: Space Gits Military Intelligence

Day 11: Traveller 5.10 ex-student                   Day 12: Traveller Assassin Aslan

Day 13: TFT Elf Mage                                   Day 14: Classic Traveller Pirate

Day 15: OSE Mycelian                                   Day 16: The Gravedigger

Day 17: Delve Witch                                       Day 18: OSE Fighter

Day 19: Traveller Belter                                  Day 20: TFT Halfling

Day 21: OSE Centaur Druid                            Day 22: Agnes Birmingham, Collector

Day 22, Day 23: Traveller Miltary