Saturday, December 31, 2016

UWP Traveller Tracker

Slow progress, but at least I am now loading the support files. I've expanded the ship class a little, and added at least the lookup to load a sector file.  Not processing it yet...Also the selector for the version (T5, Classic, Mongoose - I have those rule sets).

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Traveller Game for Jan 1

We'll probably be playing Sunday, January 1st. Welcoming the new year in with Traveller. This round may curtail some combat, so I need to research that a bit more to see how we want to play it. T5 and abstract range bands, or use BITS Close Combat, or Snapshot....

No matter which way, I'll need character tokens and something to place them on, even if it is just abstract (although I do have my ancient hex mat, just need to get some erasable markers).  I'll probably use Lego minfigs. As I must have a few hundred by now, and enough of the same ones to take sides, that will probably work. I did search for some paper minis which may be an option later on.

And hopefully I'll have time to work on the Traveller tracker a bit more this weekend. I'd like to be able to load in the support files at least, and expand a bit on the various classes.

In the meantime, here's Cyan:

Monday, December 26, 2016

Traveller 3: Tracking our Travellers

I've vaguely resurrected the 7 year old Traveller tracking software. I've got basic functionality in the Win32 version, but I am now re-writing it for UWP - Universal Windows Platform.  Most of the logic will just move over, although I am replacing all the XML with JSON and serializing things - way too much work the older way.

I've got a very basic (and ugly) start going. It can now save off & reload my ship data. Not much shows up on the screen shot below, but getting asynchronous I/O working was (as always) harder than expected. I also have the data binding in place, and that seems to work.

So, many steps to go, but the plan is:
  1. Expand out the various classes (ship, world, etc)
  2. update the regex to handle the new SEC file format (that should be interesting)
  3. verify that I can use the TravellerMap APIs (the win32 version used an older version of IE and that was not working; swapped it out for a 3rd party Chrome engine and it worked, but the AP has changed a little since I last used it 7 years ago...)
  4. and several more things I've not really thought of
I plan on probably redoing everything that was in the old version, and that let you use, for trade at least, Classic, Mongoose and T5 trade rules/world trade codes.

And I plan on actually getting this into the Windows store - something published is always a good thing to add to my resume! 

And the code is available on GitHub - see my COliver988 account if curious.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Cyan Propoganda Poster

Just trying to think like a xenophobic dictator...

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Off to Cyan

Well, despite having a small book of potential adventures, the adventurers are off to Cyan.  As this is an Amber Zone world with a Prison, I small something adventuresome to occur.  I believe I have the deck plans for something that could be a prison transport....

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dr. Boris gets a gun

Using the UWP Gunmaker program I generated the following gun. Then looked around for some SF revolvers.  I should have saved off where I got this image from...

Oai-ko thanks

After helping with the saving of his son, Oia-ko, the ahriy (pride) leader, celebrates with a lavish meal at the Saealin Geki Plantation, and gives a more formal letter of gratitude, as well as a replacement air/raft for the one the dustspice pirates (yes, we can have pirates) took.  The air/raft is from the local Scout base, and is an upgrade from what they had previously.

After the meal, Oia-ko extends an invitation for a hunt: there is a herd of hoioye that are grazing and destroying some prime geki bushes a few hundred kilometers from the plantation.

(Air/raft from Moon Toad Publishing - Pukharra Fast Scout)