Tuesday, August 28, 2018

September game

I've got 3 players ready to play in September. Hopefully I'll do a bit better this time around. I've got 4 sessions, although it may not take that many in all honesty.

The plan is:

Session 1:

  • generate characters round-robin style. As everyone has played before the basics are probably covered. However - they have not played in decades and I plan in using the Mongoose and/or Cepheus Engine rules. I need to generate the list of character types they can play that I have generation rules for. I will also be bringing printouts of various pre-gens from the software I've got in case they would rather do that.  
  • We will also have a combat test round to get everyone familiar with the combat process. This will be Mongoose 2nd edition mostly. Although the adventure itself may be entirely combat free.
  • Go over the general rules and ideas behind Traveller. Again, as everyone has played before, this should not be too long. A brief intro to MTU (my Traveller Universe) which, as it hangs just outside the 3rd Imperium somewhere near the Great Rift, I do have "official" material as well as my own to use.
Session 2:
  • Introduction to waking up on the short-hauler. A bit of a trope for Traveller (you awake in a cold berth with no idea how you got there!) it is how this adventure starts.
  • Exploration of the ship, introductions between characters and the 1 NPC, and exploration of the slowly sinking craft.
  • Escape from the ship, the trudge towards to only visible man-made object. I will have to have the encounter tables made up. Perhaps some jungle background noises.
  • Finding the 1st body.
  • Making it to the primary location, intros all around
Session 3:
  • surviving the night. 
  • Animal encounters
  • people encounters
  • what is everyone doing
Session 4:
  • where to next - do they get out?
  • rescue via escape to starport or deux ex machina and bring in Travis Roanoke & the Katydid?
  • continue game?
  • feedback: what worked, what did not. Would they like to play again?
I am really hoping it works out - I would love to get back to refereeing (and playing if possible) Traveller as a regular thing. I am a bit nervous as well.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Well, this one is a fantasy map from my old college days. I found my old gaming notebook and I outlined several maps.  As I am in on the Fantasy Trip RPG Kickstarter, I thought I'd see about fantasy maps.  My gaming group is not into science fiction gaming much so I am not sure I will get enough people to referee Traveller in September. I am hoping...

Saturday, August 04, 2018

D'Arlee Pilot's Guide

Hopefully attached or available is the WIP of the pilot's guide. Redid the sizing so that in theory it prints out as an old-style LBB.

D'Arlee Pilot's Guide

I need to get back to the Traveller Tracker, but as the UWP thing seems to be not going well, perhaps I should start smaller or something. It is basically functional except for the T5 & MGT trading parts (classic trading worked last time I checked). but it will never get used...