Wednesday, October 04, 2006

LBB2 software

Trying to figure out how to post software for others to download. If I can figure it out, it would be Just unzip that to where you want to run it. It has 4 files in it:
cargos.exe - the actual program
cargos.xml - LBB2 cargos in an ugly XML format
Aslan.xml - LBB2 cargo that allows for 'special' cargos, and using a couple of Aslan products
SpinwardMarches.xml - an XML file of the Regina subsector of the Spinward Marches.

Note: the XML files were created to test XPATH and some other things. The sector file only has the Regina sub-sector in it, and only Regina itself has more than the basic main world data in it (working on a data access program to store/retrieve data via XPATH stuff. The expanded Regina system comes from book 6, Scouts.

And yes, pretty much every other Traveller player who writes software has probably tried this. My excuse was it is a learning process for work!