Monday, January 25, 2016

Some progress

Some progress has been made for the UWP. Found out that a tab framework does not exist per se, but the pivot does. Same thing mostly, just caters to a smaller screen. Also finally figured out how to databind the flyout so now double-clicking the summary gives more detail on the ship. Obviously I need a random name generator for the crew, but this is version or so....

Friday, January 15, 2016

So slow...

So the universal program is basically working, just ugly.  Now I am thinking of taking that back end and making an Azure web site from that. While in theory that should be relatively quick, I am slow to get started.

I've also recently purchased RPGSuite's Traveller character generator.  A lot of good things in there, but I am disappointed in the end result. You get some PNGs that are not printer friendly, and the entire history of the character's generation, including career choices, life events, is nowhere to be found.  In theory they leave a JSON file out there, in reality I've not found it.  We are having a conversation about this, and they are planning on better end results. I consider this really a beta at this point - only useful until you actually finish.

And happy 2016!