Monday, June 26, 2017

Traveller Sunday

Well, it was a shorted than normal session. Both players were tired, and the open sandbox universe can be a bit slow at times when playing law abiding citizens. So all we ended up doing was some site seeing in Pargu Arcology, and set up the charter for the next day.  Travis went bar-hopping a bit so he could watch the fireworks. The Black Rose Bar had a yuppie crowd, and young Mr. Roanoke fit in fairly well, He was even invited to a private game in the corner after a bit. He lost a few credits, got mildly buzzed from some light beer, and eventually returned back to the Hotel 76 rooms he and the good doctor were sharing.

Next session we'll get out on the open seas in our attempt to capture a Lord Fish.  And another call from Ferdinado indicates that the Aslan ship that landed a couple of days ago is still at the class D port, but most of the crew has left the ship. There is little traffic at Kyslion Downport, so the two SPA officers do tend to get chatty, and Li does like to get a lay of the land.  She has sent a message to our Travellers to be aware of strange Aslan.

As a side note, some of the acreage devoted to mudda herds are controlled by Aslan - with their almost primordial need for land, the arcologies are not a place for them.  There is a small clan that manages a couple of large mudda herds nearby.  So the arcology does see a few non-humans, predominately Aslan, but also including Vargr, Bwaps, and several other alien species. There is even a doctors office with a Virushi, as they really enjoy the dense atmosphere.

Day 2 is seeing cloudy skies and choppy seas.  Hopefully no one will get seasick!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Traveller Sunday

Due to miscommunication (I blame the X-Boats) we did not get to play last Sunday. And this Sunday Bryson & I are out of town, so it looks like it will be June 25th before we get to play again.

In our game universe, the gaming respite can be reflected by the celebration of Day 001 - Holiday. So it is now 001-1105, and we're firmly into the Golden Age of Traveller so to speak.  There will be celebrations even though it is very unlikely that Kryslion has a 365 day year (I need to dig back into the world stats).

So enjoy the holiday!

Monday, June 05, 2017

Traveller Sunday

One of my players was out of town, so no Traveller gaming this weekend.  I did get in 3 games of Munchkins with my son & his girl friend, so at least there was some gaming involved.

I also created the rough deck plans for the air cushion vehicle to be used for the charter fishing trip (a 3 hour cruise...).  I've generated the encounter tables from Heaven & Earth (gotta love old software that just works), and hunters (fishermen and women) using Supplement 4, and have the seaside town all ready to go.

Maybe I'll try & update the basic image from Google Draw using GIMP or something to make it a bit better.  I just never have enough time it seems (or time that intersects with desire).