Monday, December 26, 2016

Traveller 3: Tracking our Travellers

I've vaguely resurrected the 7 year old Traveller tracking software. I've got basic functionality in the Win32 version, but I am now re-writing it for UWP - Universal Windows Platform.  Most of the logic will just move over, although I am replacing all the XML with JSON and serializing things - way too much work the older way.

I've got a very basic (and ugly) start going. It can now save off & reload my ship data. Not much shows up on the screen shot below, but getting asynchronous I/O working was (as always) harder than expected. I also have the data binding in place, and that seems to work.

So, many steps to go, but the plan is:
  1. Expand out the various classes (ship, world, etc)
  2. update the regex to handle the new SEC file format (that should be interesting)
  3. verify that I can use the TravellerMap APIs (the win32 version used an older version of IE and that was not working; swapped it out for a 3rd party Chrome engine and it worked, but the AP has changed a little since I last used it 7 years ago...)
  4. and several more things I've not really thought of
I plan on probably redoing everything that was in the old version, and that let you use, for trade at least, Classic, Mongoose and T5 trade rules/world trade codes.

And I plan on actually getting this into the Windows store - something published is always a good thing to add to my resume! 

And the code is available on GitHub - see my COliver988 account if curious.

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