Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Character Challenge 2023: 23/31 Apex Socialite

And a day late - I may have to post twice to catch up. Unlike last year, I've not managed to stock up on the weekends, so often run out of time. And Mondays are tough: get up early for the gym, work all day, then game until I go to sleep! I figured I've not done an Apex character this year, and as one of the other players may run an Apex game, figured I'd throw a hat into the ring. And I may multi-stat her as well (hmm, that may be a fun challenge next year: give character stats for a character for all the games I run: Traveller, Apex, OSE, TFT, maybe Delve if I ever run it).

Regardless, Lady Bláth Ní Faracháin is from Wales, born into a wealthy family and living the good life. In our parallel universe, women from Wales also go into military service (per Apex, after the 2nd level a socialite has performed their military training and duty). From this, she learned to be more combat oriented than her parents would like, gaining the ability to duel wield her Berettas with deadly accuracy.  A gifted speaker who is charming and beautiful, she can usually manage to talk her way through most situations. However, with Brock, her guard captain, and the backup of her five guards, showing up with her full retinue (which also includes her personal cook and assistant), she poses a somewhat imposing group. Lady Bláth has a natural affinity to animals and has many pets back at her home. 

A little above average height, with flowing raven-black hair, Lady Bláth Ní Faracháin has very pale skin with a healthy speckling of freckles. Prone to wearing hats (her assistant is in charge of tracking the several hat boxes she takes on all trips) and flowing dresses that hide her Berettas easily, she is quick to smile. Her military training left her wanting adventure, so she is often on excursions to strange places, and the American West, with its mix of dinosaurs and Indians, is her current adventure.

Shopping out in the American West

The character sheet does not mention that she has 6 bodyguards and 2 assistants. I may have to translate to Traveller and give her a bigger yacht to hold her group!

Day 1: Classic Traveller Scientist                   Day 2: OSE Gnome Illusionist  

Day 3: Mongoose 2e Navy Commander         Day 4: The Fantasy Trip Spy

Day 5: Aslan Outcast                                       Day 6: Traveller Army Commando

Day 7: OSE 4th Level Cleric                           Day 8: Mongoose Traveller Journalist

Day 9: Delve Goblin                                        Day 10: Space Gits Military Intelligence

Day 11: Traveller 5.10 ex-student                   Day 12: Traveller Assassin Aslan

Day 13: TFT Elf Mage                                   Day 14: Classic Traveller Pirate

Day 15: OSE Mycelian                                   Day 16: The Gravedigger

Day 17: Delve Witch                                       Day 18: OSE Fighter

Day 19: Traveller Belter                                  Day 20: TFT Halfling

Day 21: OSE Centaur Druid                            Day 22: Agnes Birmingham, Collector

Day 23: Apex Socialite

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