Saturday, November 17, 2018

Q'uantar Starport

The Class D port at Q'uantar consists of 6 ferrocrete pads and 4 30 ton cutter modules that have been used for decades as the initial infrastructure.  The pads can hold ships of up to 500 dTons, and three are reserved for Scout craft.

The 4 modules consists of:
  • Jiratech S-6500 starport module: The basic bridge represents the control center, with radios and sensors to guide in approaching craft. The single office serves as a customs office as well as administrative office.
  • A cargo module that stores spare parts: the basic cargo module is a two deckcylinder with four cargo hatches, two on each deck.
  • a garage module that has the upper cargo space set up with a small fusion power generator: This module provides space for a vehicle up to 3,500cf in a spacious vehicle doc. To assist a single winch is provided.
  • a lounge module that is also used for transient housing: This module provides simple entertainment and relaxing.
The upper accesses are not used in these 4 modules. There is a scaffolding base to keep them upright and stable. These four modules have been heavily used, and have been used as the basis for more than 1 temporary starport. They are transported as necessary for new systems, and left there until there is enough other infrastructure so that they are no longer needed.

In the case of Q'uantar, this is probably their last station: Q'uantar barely supports a small Scout station, and is currently the home of dozens of small prospecting and proving sites. As of yet, nothing of any value has been discovered. Should some sort of gold rush arise, a "real" starport may yet materialize.

The port is maintained by 3 permanent SPA employees who live in the starport module or a modest cabin in the small township a few kilometers to the south. There is always at least 1 representative present at all times.

The port itself is located near one of the many shallow seas dotting the planet. There is a small fuel pumping station connected to the river that wends it way through the middle of the port. There is tankage for about 300 tons of fuel at any one time, and it takes about hour per 10 tons to process more fuel.

The SPA does provide shotguns and rifles to the crew. There is some hunting with the group from the small town south of the port. The mayor, Agerima Cigomos, is an avid hunter. She even has the carapace of some of the bugs that attacked our Travellers in the last session on her wall in the mayor's office (the sitting room of her cabin).

The single vehicle in the garage is a well-maintained ground vehicle that seats 4 comfortably.

Text for the modules and the modules comes from the GURPS Modular Cutter book.

The Scout ship image is from Moon Toad Publishing.

The ground vehicle is from

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