Sunday, November 25, 2018

Iac - System Map

Still playing (slowly!) with Campaign Cartographer. Figuring out a few things (hey, you CAN edit text! TED command...and hey, you CAN trim parts of things!)

Anyway, aside from what is probably quite obvious to those using the system, I am slowly making some sort of progress.  Below is the system map of Iac. As the group will need to go there on their way to Pax Stellar, I figured I should at least outline the system. My guess is that they will simply stop at one of the 3 gas giants and do a wilderness refuel: the Navy Lab ship has fuel refining equipment on-board.  I'll do my single page display probably this week if I get a chance.

Still need to work out a bit more detail on that ship: the doctor has a majority controlling interest, but the Navy may still "own" a bit of it so to speak (sort of like the Scout Detached Duty). The Bwap will also have a ship share, and as I'll be adding another player that wants to play a possible scientist Vargr (taking after her Plott Hound), with any luck we'll roll out a ship share or so to give her some say in things as well.

The plan is to get to a good stopping point in the current 5th edition D&D game, and December, being a short month with all the holidays and people maybe in or out, will be board games and some minor catch up (the other game plans on continuing through the month, but my group is planning a pause to let the DMs get a break). Then perhaps we'll resume the Traveller game for a 2 month session. With possibly 7 players. Oh my.

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