Sunday, December 02, 2018

The Big Bad

As the game is going to be continued, I need to get a bit more background as to why the Travellers were kidnapped on their various journeys.  As this was a skill-jacking ring, one must ask what skills were being needed to require kidnapping? For a small part of the group, no real skills were required: the people were going to become essentially slaves. Those with skills were going to get passed on to the next stop on the people-smuggling process.

From the Flatline adventure, we have three people in the know: the medic at the camp who applies the creeper venom to keep the low berth people very confused upon awakening, Sayelle who is the brains of that portion of the procedure, and Hambley is the basic muscle with the skills to pilot the small hauler. On Q'uantar, this is the mastermind. Based on the PDF hopefully linked below:

Lenard Catlow, Property owner

989A4C Gun (Rifle 2, Energy 1), Gambling 2, Administration, Deception

Lenard is a recent immigrant to Q’uantar. A personable man who purchased over a thousand hectares of farming and hunting grounds about 100K from the port. Lenard is a frequent guest at the starport as he has supplies often ferried in from the small haulers and infrequent merchant craft. He is the actual ringmaster behind the skill jacking, and Sayelle reports directly to him. Lenard oversees this critical junction as the local police on D’Arlee were starting to close in (D’Arlee is where the Travellers were heading and subsequently kidnapped). While technically skilled people get moved on to the League of Independent Planets via a people smuggling ring, lesser skilled people are often taken back to Lenard’s estate for what amounts to slavery or worse.  His last “employee” died a few weeks back, and some of the Travellers were going to become his personal property. However, the Roseam Corporation’s ill-timed EMP changed those plans.

Unbeknown to pretty much everyone, he does have a small 100 ship in his barn, the Seeker class ship, fully fueled and ready for flight if necessary. He also has one of the few air/rafts on the planet, which helps explain the power plant / fuel system he has on his plantation.

So now I've a nefarious plot going with the League of Independent Planets. Is it a government sponsored process, some rogue group within the government, or some local gang or corporation? I've no idea at this point - we'll just have to see if that thread gets pulled, and if so, follow it.

On a side note, the Seeker class is another deck plan I've got from 0-Hr. Looks like it might barely make 100 tons and looks like a tiny Klingon Bird of Prey. As I do have some deck plans on it, another map I can use. And being so small, 1 person can pilot it. And hey - obviously I need to add Pilot to Lenard's skill set. I'll go with he has a nav tape one of the nearby worlds.

And below we can see Lenard's spread relative to the port, and below that, the good looking and charismatic Lenard Catlow himself. Mustache-twirling will be optional...

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