Saturday, November 10, 2018

Closeup map of power source / Pax Stellar

Still not getting any better with Campaign Cartographer. I really need to sit down and do a few tutorials rather than just banging around like 3 monkeys on 3 typewriters thinking I'll come up with a masterful map!

Anyway, a close up of the area the adventurers will get to (well, always with the assumptions we'll keep playing, but several people indicated that they wanted to, so I'll take that as a positive sign!)

I am hoping to be able to play this well - ancient tribes where there is little to no communication. The Pax Stellar Guide (link below) has the encounter tables now for the terrains the group will have to take. I figure 1 encounter per hex travelled on the big map (where 1 hex = 50km; in the steam ATV they should be able to cover 2-5 hexes per day depending on the terrain, so it should only be a 2-3 day trip I think. Full of strange life both organic and mechanical.

Still a WIP but most of what is a fairly open sandbox is there now (again with too much detail that will probably never get used: I obviously subscribe to the overpreparation view. I think I'd make a better assistant referee...!AgjJYJOsJH7WgdZqqfYL9gVdz1ieOA

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