Thursday, November 15, 2018

Shapeways Ships

Finally found the photo of the ships I got from Shapeways. I may have to get a few more Traveller ones, although I have quite a number of them from 0-Hr Kickstarters (I have every one of those and the posters - and I've managed to use a couple in my games, and the current one I should be able to use a couple more. Sadly they are not at any consistent scale but I am okay with that).

The detailing on these 1/1000 ships is really good, and I suck at painting. As we don't do space combat much (so far at all) not sure what I am doing with them other than just collecting Traveller things.

I am also on the fence on the new Mongoose miniatures game. I already have Snapshot, and the group I play with is not going to be doing major boarding. So I'll probably skip that one (plus the cost of entry is higher than I am willing to pay for something I am not likely to use).  I do hope that they will sell the minis later - they would work on all those ship posters I keep getting!

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