Thursday, November 15, 2018

Q'uantar - regrouping

In talking with the players from the last game, I do have several takers to continue playing. Including one who is determined to pursue the people who stuck her into low passage and hijacked her (I used the Flatline adventure moved from Neon to Q'uantar: it starts with the old trope of "waking up in a cold berth with no idea how you got there". As I was not sure if this was going to be a 1 shot or not, that worked for me).

When we last left the group, the Scout Travis was picking them up in the Katydid, his Scout ship, to transfer them back to the class D port. It will be a bit of crowding but it will be a short trip.

I'll see if I can get one of the players to play Travis as it was his character in a previous game (I like some sense of continuity). As he is playing a barbarian this time around, this may give him a chance to play someone piloting a ship for a bit.

I'll have to come up with some pre-defined conversation as I am horrible at ad libbing. They are pretty sure they know who was transporting them illegally, but there are a few other tendrils and people I need to make sure get involved somehow.

However, I can at least describe the planet that they are on, Q'uantar, in a bit more detail.

9,440 kilometers in diameter, slightly less than Earth-sized, with a gravity of about .9 standard.
A standard oxygen / nitrogen atmosphere.
75% water, a lot of that are vast swaths of swamp and marshes. The deepest oceans only go down a 1000 meters or so. There is a large insect population that does not bother humans due to different biological signals.
Population is listed as 10, but there are a lot of transients: mining camps mostly as Q'uantar seems rich in certain minerals. No sign of lanthium however.
Participating democracy. As there are only about 10 actual citizens in a small town next to the port, everyone does get a vote. The current mayor is Agerima Cigomos, a somewhat heavy-set woman in her late 40s.
With a law level of 2, anything goes up to portable energy weapons. Think wild west - the locals often open carry firearms. It is a very sparsely populated world.
Tech level 6 indicates 50's or so era technology.
Starport Class D is a minimal port, capable of minor repairs and carries unrefined fuel.

The port consists of 6 pads of ferrocrete that can handle ships up to about 500 tons. There are 4 old cutter modules that make up the port (hey, I've got both the physical and electronic books and by golly will use them :) ). A Class 1 module, a cargo module that holds spare parts, a garage that has a small runabout vehicle for getting about, and a lounge module that has seen better days.

I'll generate the port staff and probably all 10 residents later.

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