Saturday, December 23, 2017

Tracker - buying speculative trade items

Turned out to be a tad more complicated - a speculative trade does not have a destination world, so a few logic changes had to be made to handle that.  But you can now purchase spec trade.  I may or may not have mentioned it before, but the cargo code will be based on the Traveller version you are using.  For T5, it will show the T5 code (I need to look it back up, but basically it was the origin world trade codes, tech level and a few other things). Mongoose & Classic will use the BITS cargo code stuff, which is still a work in progress.  Strike that - I will add the cargo code as an option to the versions as well so you can do with it as you want.

Minor cosmetic change to the cargo manifest view - figured you may want to see what you actually bought...which also means I will also be filling in the bulk cargo with...something random?

And I still need to let you sell the spec trade - that is where this gets a bit more complicated.  But fun!

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