Saturday, December 16, 2017

Tracker - World user control

I've added a world user control which is what the tab for the world info used to show. Doing this allows my now to add an event to the worlds in the jump list to load that world's information.  The advantage of this is that now I can display world info wherever I need to and it will be standardized.

I've also abstracted out the image processing so that I can handle it without repeating code - the while DRY (don't repeat yourself) mantra in developing software.  I'll be adding the image library, which may be ship or world based.  Which means eventually I'll probably add an image carousel to the ship page, and the world control.

So the World Info tab is no longer there, but you can click (or touch if touch screen) the world name and the control shows up.  So you could review the logs of any worlds if they exist.  I've also updated the logging a bit so that creating a log entry for the world is no longer tied to the ship. It is tied to the ship date so we know when it was put in, so to speak.  Still thinking about that - we may want to allow the logging to override the date.

Not sure about the color either, but by default it was the same color as everything else and looked confusing. So I stuck something in there.

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