Saturday, December 09, 2017

Tracker - loading bulk cargo

After a few rabbit holes and interesting design choices, I think the bulk cargo loader will be a pop up when you click the inspect button on the cargo listing.  However - getting a pop up to work has proved to be more interesting than I thought.  Turns out that having it created dynamically with a user control would be ideal, but due to the way XAML handles the visual tree (how things get displayed), sticking it in a pivot table (that horizontal list of options, basically a tab control but with XAML...) does not work.

So I stuck one in the actual page, same level as the pivot, and that works. Except my list of cargos is not showing up.  That and I had to dust off my user control memories.  But (other than the color which is there just to see if it is there) progress is being made. At least the world name show up!  Of course, I still need to get all the cargo in the ship itself, and now I am really thinking cargo is cargo regardless if it is spec or not. Difference is you get paid for bulk up front, and you pay for spec up front and sell it later. So I need to get that figured out.

I also got the image thing finally working. I need to abstract that as I do plan on allowing the user to load images in other places. But as we say in development - premature optimization is the root of...well, trying to think too far ahead.

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