Saturday, December 02, 2017

Tracker - a bit more on the starports

Turns out the check boxes were just that, and it also turns out that having the 2-way bind seems to also automatically update the database. So I may have to look where I am doing some possible unnecessary trips to the DB.

I've also expanded out the ships log file to have a worldID and an image.  The ships log will be a general holding place for notes, so that we can add notes to the ship, or the world, or if we like, link it to both.  The image part allows me to add images to the log in case you want to do that (look at our full cargo bay!)

Which means I may need to go ahead and drop the WorldLog I had, and maybe another full migration. Or see if the remove-migration world log would work...

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the image thing figured out. While I'd like drag & drop, we'll just have to see if I cam name that work.

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