Thursday, December 21, 2017

Tracker - Traveller versions

A minor update to the versions - I've added the option to set the number of days it takes to search for cargo.  When you click the search for cargo and passengers, it will roll up a new speculative cargo as well as all the bulk cargo and passengers, as well as adding the specified number of days to the ship calendar. I may also add an automatic ship's log to that effect.

Still have to deal with the purchase and selling of the spec cargo - buying is straightforward, just add to the cargo tonnage carried, subtract the price from your credits (assuming you have enough!), and add a cargo record and log. Selling is more complicated due to the true value table (which may end up in the versions table as well somehow) and various DMs you may get based on version, as well as the potential for using a broker.  I may simplify by just allowing a manual entry for player DMs, as well as take into account any use of a broker.

UI is all over the place so that will have to get cleaned up at some point as well, but I want to get the basics in place.  Pretty sure, outside of Christmas, I'll have time to get to the spec trade part.

And if anyone has any ideas for things this should do, let me know.  So far I'm just doing this on m own with my own idea of what it needs to do. I may be missing something really important. Such as the ability to add your own version (can anyone say Cepheus Engine?).

And options: so far I think (with nothing actually done, just figure I'd write things down so I may remember them later):
  1. the ability to reset to the seed values
  2. the ability to clear sectors and worlds (when you select a sector, if it is not already in the DB, it will use the TravellerMap API to load all the worlds based on your milieu. You may want to 'refresh' that in case there have been updates)
  3. the ability to import your own sector file (it would have to be in the TravellerMap format)
  4. exporting data in some way
  5. use the TravellerMap to have a grand journey route picked out for you (Alell to Regina)
  6. instructions!
  7. open game license info

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