Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Session 0 - creating characters

While I only expected 2 people to actually show up, somehow we ended up with 6 players. So the character creation took a bit longer than expected, especially as I've not really done a whole lot with Mongoose 2nd edition. While several people had played previously, most had very dim memories of the games other than dying early. A few had never played before.

We did do a round-robin character creation. Everyone rolled straight stats with an extra roll to replace anything they wanted to. Each player did a single term going around the table. We started with 2 drifters, a barbarian and a wanderer, 2 Scouts, a doctor and a Vargr free trader. The 1st Scout survived his first term but was washed out in the middle of his 2nd term. The player was okay with that and is playing the 24 year old. The wanderer managed 2 terms as a wanderer, tried the army but got kicked out, missed re-enlistment and managed to get drafted back into the army but kicked out again. He stayed out after that. The Scout stayed in the Exploration branch for 4 terms I think then enrolled in the Navy, making Lt. The barbarian actually survived 5 terms and mustered out. The doctor managed to get up to Medic-4, as well as having a Marquis social status. And the Vargr free trader also went into the Navy I think before mustering out.

Of the group, 1 player really does not like that sort of character generation, 1 was seemingly ambivalent, 3 were okay with it and one was very enthusiastic about it. I think long term there will be 3-4 people to play again, and I may end up going straight Classic as one player does have a lot of CT material.

Next week - waking up from cold berths!

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