Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Session 1 - Part B

I know, the cast of characters should have been done first. However, as I wrote the first part at work, I did not have my attendance sheet. I made one simply because I am (a) quite horrible at names, and (b) to make sure I can keep track of the characters.

So here they are in no particular order, along with some notes as I recall part of their character generation.

Marquessa Morgana Greybourn, MD  A retired doctor of 5 terms who rarely got promoted. Yet somehow managed to roll multiple lab ship mustering out benefits. So she has a much more advanced lab ship (so I can finally use some of my posters and minis!). She had excellent rolls except for promotion and was rank 3 when she left the scientist / doctor career.

Rosie McGarber A Scout (Surveying) that managed to start an interplanetary war in the middle of her 2nd term. She was asked to leave but somehow managed to gain diplomacy. Probably on not what to say.

Qat Tolliver Space Bum (Drifter / Wanderer). Kicked out of his family at a tender age of 14, he wandered the stars. After one too many close brushes with death, he enlisted in the Army. He did not sty a full term but was kicked out. Trying to get into another career, he failed, and somehow got drafted back into the army. Where he was forced out again.  He decided enough was enough.

Osrum of Planet Bob (Drifter / Barbarian) We've yet to determine his birth planet, but Osrum was sent out to observe the universe and report back to his chief. While his people may call his home planet Bob, I am pretty sure the Imperium has another name for it.

Lt Sir Maximilian Joseph Kleinshmidt (Max) A couple of terms in the Scouts (Explorer), a few terms in the Navy (Flight), and Max is ready to face the universe. While not daunting in a physical sense, his innate intelligence will do him well.

Vargr The last player could not make it, and as I do not have an email address or anything, we have not come up with details. He was a Vargr Salvage trader I believe.

The Lab ship is listed below. Fortunately with the skill package they have enough PCs to actually pilot the thing. I may have fudged a bit on the stats but close enough. The ship is from 0-Hr. I am sadly addicted to his Kickstarters...

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