Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Session 1 - Part A

Surprisingly, 5 of the 6 players showed up. The 6th was really ill, though, and that is a very valid excuse. We started by finishing off the character creation, and applying the general Traveller Skill package to the group to help even some things up.  The range of characters is early 20s with 1 1/2 terms to a couple of 5 termers. The nice thing is that the group decided which package to use, then distributed the skills to those who needed them to help them both round out their characters the way they wanted to, as well as fill in any missing holes, The one hole was I don't think anyone had astrogation (old Navigation skill; Navigation is now planet-based navigation).

Once we had that settled, we started with the group waking up in the short hauler. I made a basic schematic of the ship as I really detest the isometric plans Mongoose seems so fond of. There was some brief exploration, but more a fear of the water dripping in and concerns about flooding the entire ship, leaving the players inside. One of the Scouts did notice that there was a crack of daylight form the mangled maintenance access hatch, so they were less concerned about lack of a breathable atmosphere than of drowning.

As they did not search too much beyond the bridge and engineering section, I had the 1 NPC that survived come up behind them. She was a bit brutal in asking what they were doing, but things calmed down. As per the others, she had no idea what happened and where they were.

A brief search and they ended up with a large supply of emergency rations, pillow cases and sheets for making carry bags. There was a bit of prompting to check the main cargo lock as that was where the 4 person emergency kit was.

With the water slowly rising, they distributed the 2 vacc suits to those who could not swim (we played survival gives basic swimming), and stuffed the young Scout into a rescue ball, but only partially inflated it so that it would fit through a maintenance hatch.

The good doctor prepped everyone, and opened the ceiling hatch. With a good dex roll, she managed not to get banged about as the water rushed into the craft. She lead the way up, then the rescue ball popped out. She started pushing the now fully inflated beach ball with the Scout towards the nearby shore. All the others also got out and either started for shore, or in the case of Anson, the NPC, freaking out and unable to get back into the water. She is a Belter through and through, so was panicking at all the water. The other Scout/ex-Navy player helped calm her down, and towed her to shore. Once there, she thanked him as a Shippie, so there is now a trust bond between these two.

Another minor refusal to get out of the suit (it really would have slowed them down considerably) and the group marched on.

Next update I should have the list of characters (other than our missing Vargr) and what happened.

So far they do say that they are enjoying themselves.  I did get to use the cardboard heroes and some of my printouts, so that is always nice.

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