Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Session 4 / Night Survival and Wrap up

As the darkness fell, more of the creepers kept appearing on the berm around the site. After Osrum was pulled back from attacking the creepers, Tamsym, the Vargr trader, made additional fires to keep the encroaching critters at bay. Rosie and company managed to get the fusion power plant restarted at about 20% capacity and the creepers really started to go to town on the wiring. Morgana yelled at them to shut the power down as it was attracting more of them.

After some significant conversation (via a pre-typed out dialog I had between players and NPCs, that did seem to help a bit), Osrum, seeing a creeper on a building top, climbed up to whack it and knock it off. These very large creatures were pretty tough - even though he hit it, it hit back. The fight continued another round until the creeper ran off, leaving Osrum severely injured. While Morgana was cleaning the wounds, Max and Rosie finished up repairing a basic walky-talky and Rosie climbed the tower to try an SOS. She sent out some calls, but got no response back.

Tensions were rising as Abe, the med-tech, got backed into a corner of the medical area while Morgana was stitching Osrum. He finally confessed to being part of the skill-jacking team, naming Hambley as the leader of the group. Going back outside, Morgana confronts Hambley who, while raising his gun, does not shoot. Max was moving around a building to get a bead on him just in case. Tamsym, in a flurry of activity, was disassembling one of the buggies. At this point more of the creepers started getting a bit more aggressive. Morgana thew a molotov cocktail, hurting three of the creepers. One ran off while the other two, killers, started moving to the group. Hambley got off a shot, wounding one, and Qat was attacking another with her machete. Osrum was up by this time, and started attacking some creepers moving in from the rear of the camp.

Next round, Hambley shoots again, but misses. He also missed Qat who was in the line of fire. She was not sure how intentional that was (I really did roll a 3 on his shot, and as Jeff's character was actually behind the creeper, seemed like an opportunity he may take to eliminate the Travellers, one by one). Another molotov and more creepers get hurt. Most of them are starting to run off now, between the guns going off and all the fires. Hambley got another shot off, killing that creeper and Qat almosst dispatched the one she was attacking. That creeper crept off, dragging its legs.

At this point the sun was rising, and most of the creepers had either left or were dead. A ship approaches, the former ISS Katydid, and Travis Roanoke, former Scout, lands. He and a female Bwap, Morgana's assistant / lady in waiting, get out to greet everyone.

Behind the scenes - the SOS did manage to reach the Katydid at the starport. Travis was there just as a stopover to somewhere else, and his ship does have a better sensor system than the port itself. So once he managed to triangulate that, he was about to take off when the Bwap asked to come aboard. There was a small shuttle at port with noble markings on it. Travis is quite the trusting soul, so along she came.

What I need to do is get a name and some info on the Bwap lady in waiting, have a vague outline of what will happen when the Katydid gets back to port (which is all of 2 30 dTon cutter modules, 1 for the port and 1 for living area, and perhaps 3-5 full time employees). Will Hambley run off, all that fun stuff.

Then the lab ship is one parsec away on D'Arlee. Obviously the Katydid can get them there under pretty cramped conditions. But why would everyone stay together? And will they pursue why they got jacked and taken to Q'auntar?  The Bwap will have established that her charge / friend was missing after a couple of weeks. She went to the last place she knew she was at, D'Arlee, and from there instituted some legal actions. All the Travellers gear will be available in police custody, including a very interesting bauble for Osrum (who, while a barbarian, comes from a system that was previously very high-tech and is currently red-zoned by the Imperial Navy).  I'll probably set that in motion - the police, in their investigation, also turned to the Imperial Navy. They recognized the bauble as coming from Pax Stellar, and there may be a research opportunity with perhaps some renumeration.

Perhaps the week in jump space everyone becomes close friends. Close as any rate as the Katydid does not have a lot of space.

T5 Scout deckplans:

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