Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Traveller Tracker - redo again?

As Microsoft decided not to further develop their touch-centric Office software, which is UWP, I may rewrite the tracker software again to be regular Win32. Meaning it would have an installer rather than having to go through the whole side-loading thing. Plus the layout, despite all my best intentions, got horribly muddled. And I figured out some of the cargo things when working different versions, so it is also sort of mixed up more than I like.

While this is a very niche thing for a niche audience, it is still something that could prove useful.  Most of the work I've done is still valid - it is just the presentation is bad.

I'll think about it, and see if I can get some time. Now that I am sort of back to refereeing games, my time is filled up (although the next 2 months are D&D, say hello to Sir Ray Sao of Nyong, a paladin of Pholtus!) I will be working some more of MTU as that is where we'll keep on playing, as there has been some interest in continuing the game.

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