Saturday, October 27, 2018

Pax Stellar

Working on the Pax Stellar adventure, and think I can get another 3/4 week adventure out of this at least, if the players come back after our current D&D game.

I'm bringing in sources from all over. The mechanical life is from Dr. Mordecai Crowley’s Journal of Planetary Travels by Michael Murdock. He has another Kickstarter going for volume 2 - I really hope it makes it! The hex map is via Campaign Cartographer - I am not getting any better but I just don't have the time and inclination at the same time! And The drop ship is from the most excellent blog  This guy does amazing things!

Link to the current WIP guide:!AgjJYJOsJH7WgdZqqfYL9gVdz1ieOA

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