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Session 3: Welcome Home!

Session 3 saw most of the players back, as well as a new player. Fortunately, using Cepheus Engine rules part of the character generation involves contacts, so our new player is playing Detective Inspector "Iva" Zoeoeztha Dhasvoengrrang, an ex-Police detective. She was heavily into sports and the Doctor and her family watched those exciting soccer games, and after "hat one time you made that amazing save...and then managed to somehow, despite having digigrade feet, managed to kick the ball all the way across the field" they made friends with each other.

Anyway: Finn's Tripper, the A2 trader, lands in the Antares SB&TS landing area at the D'Arlee Down port. This is a busy starport, a small city basically, and ASB&TS leases a chunk of the port for trade, minor ship construction and repairs, and so forth. This is one of the ways that the Port Authority gets money. While it is not 100% "then Imperium owns and controls the port" it is within those boundaries I think. And I just like the idea.

As the air lock opens on a balmy day, the crew and our Travellers are met by both the port authorities as well as a small Naval group. The Travellers get their weapons returned from the ship's locker, the three criminals in low berths are transferred to the Port Police to be defrosted and interrogated, and the Naval Attache indicates that the Navy Lab Ship, a Cygnus Class vessel (Kickstarter / 0-Hr poster and mini. I so like to have pretty deck plans!) is ready for their inspection and the official turn-over from the Navy to Dr. Morgana Greyborne. There is also a request to meet the base commander at their earliest convenience for a possible service they group may be able to help with.

Also at the port is Iva, waiting to check up on her lost and now friend. She has recently retired from the local police force, and is wanting to explore more of the universe. So now we've managed to get everyone together with the ship that they will be using.

The ship is partially owned by Morgana, Lt. Sir Max is also trading in his ship shares as does Sabsawa the Bwap and Osrum the Barbarian who somehow has several ship shares. So currently the percentage of the ship is:  40% Morgana, 2% Sabsawa, 4% Max, and 8% Osrum. The remainder is similar to the Scout ship: the ship is basically on permanent loan from the Navy, and at times their services may be required.

The ship was inspected: extremely clean and smelling sterile. Specifics are given below so we don't have too much of a wall of text.

The group manages to get cleaned up and have a minor shopping trip to get clothing not scavenged from the test site back on Q'Antar. Feeling better, they also make any calls as necessary, and Morgana's mother would like to have a small get together that evening to celebrate her daughter's safe return.  Before leaving, they do check in with the Commandant of the base. He has a proposition for the group, as well as revealing information about our barbarian friend Osrum.

Apparently, three red-zoned worlds, known as the Pax Stellar, are under close scrutiny of the Navy and Scouts. There is technology there that befuddles the Imperium. A recent spike in energy readings from a facility has them very interested in what is going on. Unfortunately, they have been completely unable to get there: all three worlds are inimical to Imperial technology. Nothing works more than a few hours before breaking down and becoming useless (see previous blog postings on that). Osrum, being a native of the planet, actually has viable nano-technology in his blood. And we can go with this is also how he ended up with some ship shares: the Navy really wants to keep an eye on him! After signing a contract (which was reviewed by Sabsawa, the groups legal advisor), they are offered a job: get to Pax Stellar, get down to the planet via a drop ship, and visit the facility. The group agrees, then off to the family get together after a bit of an issue actually leaving the port do to filling out the forms.

The Marquessa's mother is the Imperial representative of the planet (borrowing some from T5 here). Her estates border the capital city and extend for hectares. The group notices a large number of vehicles parked in the visitors area from their vantage in the grav taxi. Landing, they are ushered in and introduced by the seneschal. Who does manage to get all the proper names and titles presented. It is a much larger gathering than expected, and Morgana's father is just overcome with emotions and has to leave. This particularly noble family is matriarchal and the positions pass through the female line.

It was quite the party. And that's where we ended that session.

Showing an image of the shuttle and ship. As previously noted, the nacelles are mostly fuel tanks, not Star Trek warp drives. Yeah, fuel tanks...

I've also rolled up 3 Navy characters for the engineers: while the original group had a couple of engineers, not all players did come back (D&D was too strong a draw :) ).  Next post I'll outline them as they do have some minor back stories, and one does have an air/raft that oddly he cannot drive (he has fixed and rotor wings for drive - being a Vargr he does like to have a bit more of a thrill in flying). And as the Navy is underwriting the next couple months in terms of paying for salaries and fuel (Cr50,000 to top off those tanks!) they do want a presence on board. And there are barracks in this ship.

(image from the 0-Hr Cygnus PDF set)

Current ship status (parts from the PDF with the Cygnus class ship)

The ship has been stripped of advanced sensors and all weapons.
Originally the ship had a Computer/25 and a Core/70 along with extensive software packages
and military level sensor packages. The computer was replaced by a Computer/15 and Core/50.
While it retains the generate and jump software, as well as basic library functions, remaining
software was not re-installed on the new systems. The 15 is the bandwidth and controls what
software you can have running at the same time. For instance, to make a jump, that’s all that
can be in the computer from jump entry to exit of jump.
Sensors are civilian grade, a step above basic sensors. Sensor pallets are scattered over the
hull, currently mostly empty.
Turrets were removed. There are 10 hardpoints where turrets and weapons may be re-added.
Gunnery software and gunners would be required.
Internal security mostly remains. Cameras are in most public spaces (bridge, cargo, lounge).
Internal software systems maintain a hard level (12+) to access without correct authentication.
Authentication may be password (spoken or typed), biometrics such as eye or hand scanners or
other combinations. Physical locks requiring a physical key are also available but not currently
in use on the ship.
Doors have locks. External airlock doors have heightened security locks in place, also hard
(12+) to bypass. Internal systems vary by area. Crew staterooms have average (8+) locks on
them, the labs all have hard locks, as does access to the bridge and the various ships lockers
spread throughout the ship.
Grav plates can vary from 0 (off) to 2G. In MTU (My Traveller Universe) I borrow from one of the
Star Trek manuals: losing power will cause the gravity to slowly be set down to 0 in about 2
hours. However, you can turn gravity on and off, and this does represent a possible
anti-hijacking possibility. It is not instantaneous: 10 seconds per G unless you can override the
safeties, so no playing ping pong with pirates. But you can make it difficult. Grav plating is by
major section (the larger grids).
The shuttle is still present:
Novemere-class ShuttleThe Novemere is the 9th generation of a common shuttle craft design found throughout Imperial
space. This particular shuttle (designated “Novemere Alpha”) has been refit to accommodate a
pair of senor and science stations. The original configuration had additional seating in this area,
allowing it to comfortably transport eight people instead of just four. There is an equipment
locker accessible beneath the carpet in the middle of the floor. It contains emergency vacuum
suits,tools, and supplies

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