Friday, April 13, 2018

Tracker - beta (really alpha) testers

I've had very slow progress (still second guessing about pursuing another masters degree. In project management. Just because I thought I should know more about projects)

Turns out there is a way to beta test this without the hassle of certificates. HockeyApp allows me to upload the software and create a test group. You get an email, sign up for free, and it will let you install the software.

In testing it, I used another email account and invited myself. I got the link, signed up (so now I've my dev account and a test account...) and it let me download a zip file. Unzip that, right-click the 'Add-AppDevPackage.ps1' and run with Powershell.  I had to say yes to change at the prompt, but then it bombed for me as I've already got that installed as I run it locally with Visual Studio.  I'll have to see if I can uninstall that & try again.

The HockeyApp platform looks like a good way to do this. If anyone wants to start alpha testing, PM me with your email and I'll sign you up.  I've no real idea if this will work but I really do intend to get this into the App at some point and having real people tell me everything that does not work (i.e., most of it...) may help me make progress again.

Please review HockeyApp and all that. I've never used it, but it is built into Visual Studio so it is supported (or owned) by Microsoft. If you want to try it out, just let me know.


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