Tuesday, April 10, 2018

T5 Trade - still WIP

I did add a trade effect field to the trade codes so you can have changes to the base price. I've added the trade selling trade code table but have not put in the matrix yet (that will come). So we're a few steps closer - I could generate the initial trade good code, and randomly pick one of the trade goods and all that. I just need to connect the dots, but sadly class time is taking up the majority of my free time.  I was sick the last few days (stomach virus? food poisoning? I've no idea other than I've not eaten much more than toast the last 4 days and I was pretty dehydrated for a while). So I managed a few things yesterday beyond feeling blech, checking work email, reading a chapter for class and taking notes, and having a class team meeting.

All I want to do is code sometimes! And play Traveller...

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