Sunday, April 15, 2018

T5 - Buying spec cargo

I've got this part working, assuming the user sets up the trade code adjustments. I've also decided that I'll update the 'create the actual value table' process to use the values form book 2 / BBB. I can't stick them in the seed process exactly - the versions are not there to link them to, and I've about the order of events to map the correct IDs. Also - I cannot find in the T5 book anything to indicate tonnage for spec trade. Just all the pricing.  I've not looked at the T5.09 document - that may include more info. Its just that I like having that giant tome open when playing with code.

I also installed this on my tablet via the HockeyApp process. It actually worked.  I also noticed several glaring issues when trying to use the software.  I've already made a few updates to address those. First, when you create a new ship it takes you to the ship layout. However - none of the details are in place yet, so previously the ship info tab was off to the right. Now it is the 1st tab and more obvious you need to fill it out. The 2nd issue was selecting the sector: as you had not selected an era, there were no sectors to load. Selecting an era now loads the sectors. I also default to 1105 era to have something in there when it is empty.  The TravellerMap supports 4 eras: 0, 1105, 1248 and 1900. In theory the tracker software should as well but I've really only tested with the 1105 data. A third issue are some layouts do not fit well with the tablet. I need to either resize them or make it more responsive.

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