Monday, April 30, 2018

Misc updates

Nothing software related sadly.  But I've finished my first class, so there is now a 2 week window where hopefully I'll get another version out there with corrections to several of the issues I noted when testing on my tablet vs running on my quad-HD big screen.  Still a lot of changes to make this vaguely useful.

And I am continuing with the program - not sure where it will lead but I do enjoy learning, although I'd prefer playing Traveller or any game more...

So my goal is to push another release out to the HockeyApp this weekend. I've made several changes but want to make some more, so I am hoping to have a few hours over the weekend to get things done and push it out Sunday night.

So fingers crossed, and if anyone wants to be an alpha/beta tester, just let me know.  Of course, the source code is open source and available as well - some people have been cloning the repo so perhaps this is getting used someplace.

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