Thursday, March 01, 2018

Tracker - T5 rules

The T5 trade rules are just stubbed out. If your ship is Mongoose or T5, it just returns a message about not currently supported. There is a user over on COTI that wanted a T5 trade program.  I really did not like the T5 version as it seems so dry. It is not hard to do though, so I have a short road map:

1. Finish the cargo printing manifest (4-8 hours)
2. Do the T5 cargo (unknown duration as it has been a couple of years since I read over those rules)

Unfortunately school takes priority, and this is mid-term week. I need to write a paper about a project. Fortunately, I've actually just started a project for work, and that will become my mid-term paper (and won't work be surprised to get a project charter, stakeholder communication breakdown, and a process breakdown!)  As that needs to be completed by Sunday, and I really don't think it will be too difficult, I am hopefully that I'll complete the printing by this weekend (although I really want some sort of template system so that the user can format it a bit, but that will be version 2.0, and as I am on v0.0.0.1 at the moment...)

And I may move this tracker as a project once someone other than me is using it.  When that happens I may open up a Trello board for project management the Kanban style!

And how did March sneak up so fast?

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