Saturday, March 17, 2018

Tracker - T5 Trading. No, not there yet

But I am entering all the trade classifications, even the user-decided ones. I've added a flag to the table indicating if this is a manual trade code. All the UWP-based ones are auto.  I've added another table to attach trade codes to the worlds in question.  There you will be able to manually add the trade codes you want to that world, and when I check for trade code generation I'll simply add that list in.

Still need to actually do all that: in making the columns non-nullable, I broke my seed when I added all the trade codes with some non-filled values. I was hoping if I did not include something it would be empty, but the DB barfed at that, so I have to set the fields to "".  Which means I really did not have to reset the DB...oh well, now the seed has all the T5 codes.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have time for the actual cargo part. Probably not - need to finish a paper and I actually have to work a bit (need to update the work DB when no one is there so we don't interrupt users).

I am also wanting to referee or play again - I went through all my ship posters and really want a face to face game so I can use them...and I've got the Great Rift coming in at some point so I may move the play there.  Plus the Cruiser Kickstarter - I am getting all these things I should really use them!

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