Sunday, March 11, 2018

Tracker - T5 Trade, a start

I've started looking into the T5 trade rules. First step was to also have the list of possible trade goods, so there is yet another trade goods table. In hindsight, there should just be 1 but the Classic rules use s D66 method for rolling up the goods, and I did not want to have to figure out how to enforce that.

So I've grabbed a few cargoes from the BBB and stuck them in there. I may extend it out a bit more (i.e. include the full description of what it really is).  This will allow the users to add whatever cargoes they want to add that are trade class based. When I generate the T5 cargo, I'll randomly pick one of the trade codes, then randomly pick one of the trade goods for that trade code.

Down the road I would like a more personalized trade goods option - some of my world workups had some fairly detailed smaller cargoes. Sometimes it is that personal touch of having 50kg of specialized organic coffee versus a container of freeze dried caffeine.

It is going slower not due to being hard, but my severe lack of time :(

And while I thought about starting a PBP game, that severe lack of time keeps raising its head...
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