Monday, November 13, 2017

Traveller Tracker - another view

I may not have made this clear when I started this latest version of the ship tracking software: the idea behind this is to support at least 2, maybe 3 versions of Traveller. But, everything will be user-editable and hopefully extendable. For example, right now I've got the classic book 2 d66 cargo table built. I do have the cargo loading method returning something from that table if your ship is running Classic.  However, you can change the entries, and in theory, we could even extend the table, making it a D1010 table if you wanted a wide range of things. To do this, we'd have to allow you to put in a custom version you want to play, but it is based off of one of the 3 I am hoping to support. So for instance, you are basing your game off of Traveller, but really want a much wide range of cargos. So the version table will have to have information allowing you to customize things to your game.

That will probably be further off (although now I think I'll add the dice to roll for cargo in the versions table, so classic will be d66). I need to get the durn thing to work first...

Bottom line - I want this to (a) work and (b) be able to be customized.  Which is why pretty much everything is table-based, and I'll be giving the end user the ability to update these tables. 

And there will be an option to reset to seed to reset everything back to the initial state. Hmm, meaning I may want the ability to export ship classes and ships at least.  Drat - I do need to make a project board or something to track all this! It's become a larger project than expected.

And I really want to play Traveller again - maybe I can figure a way to do that. There's just so little time available outside of all the other things I need to do. Being an adult is not what is is cracked up to be sometimes.

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