Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tracker - Classic speculative trade

Got it to load a classic speculative trade item, compete with the tons and all that calculated via the cargo table.

What I realized while doing this is that the cargo and passengers are based on the destination world.  So my UI will be changing.  The load cargo routine passes in the ship object, which basically contains a pointer to the current world. What I need to do is also have the list of worlds available based on the ship's jump capacity also be available. I need this for the jump worlds list, and also for the cargo and passenger calculations. What I am going for is a list, with a row per world, something like:

World    Major Minor Incidental  High  Mid   Low
Trane    5 [ ] 2 [ ] 0 [ ]       1 [ ] 3 [ ] 12 [ ]
New Rome 6 [ ] 8 [ ] 1 [ ]       2 [ ] 2 [ ] 12 [ ]

(numbers are made up and do not represent what the tables may actually yield). Click the button and (1) you are credited with the credits due, (2) updates your available cargo, (3) updates cabin space. Err, huh, I've not added cabin space in the ships.  While the base ship class probably can have this, I do believe the ship may be able to adjust this. Or just not track it just yet. Maybe version 1.1...

Still needs work on the UI.  

And now the work week starts again, so probably no updates until next weekend.  Both child & wife were away this weekend so I had some time to work on this.  Honestly, 20 hours of work would probably make this ready to test publish if I had 3 straight days to keep in the groove. As it is, an hour or two here, and part of that is just remembering where I left off...

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