Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Traveller Tracker - Trade Goods

I pulled in a previous version set of trade goods: book 2 goods list (a d66 list) and the T5 random goods table by trade codes. Oddly one is an XML file, the other CSV.  What I will do is update the seed to add those to the DB if not already added.  The seed function only adds things if they don't exist, the theory being that once you do have it installed, you don't want to overwrite anything anyone has added.  The options section will probably have a function to reset all back to the initial data. Probably.

Now I still have to figure out how to generate the goods available based on versions. I've stubbed out the methods based on version, and they all return a list of cargos (although I may have to make some changes to include tons, codes and other odds and ends. The cargo table itself does not include tons, just what the cargo is; another table will hold the mods by version for buy/sell.  I am making this far more complex than necessary...

I may move the Traveller versions to be an enumeration instead, but I am thinking the trade code modifiers may get added in there somehow as well.

public void SeedDB(TravellerContext db)
   if (db.TradeClassifications.Count() == 0)
      TradeClassification tc = new TradeClassification();
      tc.Classification = "Ag";
      tc.Name = "Agriculteral";
      tc.Description = "The world has climate and conditions that promote farming and ranching. It is a producer of inexpensive food stuffs. It also is a source of unusual, exotic or strange delicacies";
       tc.Sizes = "";
       tc.Atmospheres = "4 5 6 7 8 9";
       tc.Hydro = "4 5 6 7 8";
       tc.Pop = "5 6 7";
       tc.Gov = "";
       tc.Law = "";
   if (db.TravellerVersions.Count() == 0)
       db.Add(new TravellerVersion() { Name = "Classic" });
       db.Add(new TravellerVersion() { Name = "Mongoose Traveller" });
       db.Add(new TravellerVersion() { Name = "T5" });
    if (db.CargoTypes.Count() == 0)
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Consumables", Description = "Consumables are food and drink, and may also include aromatics. Consumable foods are gourmet items, common flavorings or staples necessary on worlds where it cannot be produced." });
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Data", Description = "Data is information that can be consumed, reproduced or processed on the target workd. It includes books, tapes, wafers, software, creative works and scientific data." });
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Entertainments", Description = "Creative workss and diversionsa are always in demand." });
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Imbalances", Description = "When the cost of producing a trade item is very low, then it can be shipped between the stara and sold at a market for less than it can be produced locally. Worlds with low labor costs can often produce goods that can be sold elsewhere at a profit." });
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Manufactureds", Description = "Worlds with establisged factories export their products to worlds that cannot produce them." });
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Novelties", Description = "New products never before seen." });
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Pharma", Description = "Pharmaceuticals and medicine for treatment of all manner of illness or disability." });
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Rares", Description = "Many trade goods are in demand because of their rarity or relative scarcity." });
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Raws", Description = "One of the basic trade goos in interstellar trade is raw materials." });
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Red Tape", Description = "Because there are interstellar governments, the products of their bureacracy must be distributed throughout their area of authority." });
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Samples", Description = "Newly discovered, created or manufactured items may be distributed to other workds for analysis or evaluation." });
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Scrap/Waste", Description = "The trash of some worlds can be a valued commodity on other worlds." });
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Uniques", Description = "Some items cannot be reproduced, adding value to the product." });
        db.Add(new CargoType() { Type = "Valuta", Description = "Sometimes shipments between worlds consist of money itself." });

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