Sunday, November 12, 2017

Traveller Tracker - cargo pt 2

Got the basic cargo editor in place. I also did a test deploy to my tablet - so I can run the software on a different machine, one that is much more touch-based.  Interestingly enough it actually works. I just need to play around a bit on the tablet to see how things play out.

I still need to actually get the speculative trade part done, then also look at the basic non-spec trade (major, minor and incidental cargos).  I am really thinking about somehow rolling those into the cargos as they are cargo, but they aren't as well seeing as you just get paid to move them along with little risk.

I may have to create the list of things to do with this. As I am starting on a project management degree in a couple of months (and so kiss free time goodbye for 2 years as I work on another master's degree) this could be a good test bed for project management.

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