Friday, March 31, 2017

Traveller Sunday - Scout Crew

Still working on the stats for the Renegade class Scout ship, but I'm going with a 500 ton ship. I think I've a sufficiently large crew although there will be some specialists added at some point.  There is room for 9 by counting bunks.

Crew is mostly women - when generating characters I roll and even are female, odd are male. In 5000 years I am assuming the pay gap no longer exists or is even a memory :)

Holleng Giambice, 89C9A7, age 29 Scout 3, pilot of Renegade Class Scout Vessel. Near the end of her third term, she commands the Renegade class ship and is currently at Cyan, waiting to transport the Travellers to the Way station. Then off to explore space more.

Admin, Astrogation-1, Electronics [Comms-1], Explosives, Gun Combat, Language, Mechanic, Pilot [Small Craft-1, Spacecraft-2], Stealth-1, Survival, Vacc-1

McKennoz Langlert, 74CCD3, age 30, Scout 2, Astrogator Renegade Class Scout Vessel. Graduate of the Imperial University of Pixie, McKennoz always dreamed of being a Scout.

Astrogation-2, Carouse, Electronics [Comm-1], Engineer [J-Drive-1], Gun Combat, Language, Science [Linguistics-1], Survival, Vacc

Ognuearz Giokga (Og) 868875, age 25, Scout 1, Shuttle pilot, Mechanic, back up astrogator. Coming from the ice-capped plant of Najar, Og never wanted to go back. The lone Vargr on the crew.

Astrogation, Drive, Gun Combat, Mechanic, Persuade-1, Pilot [Small Craft-1, Spacecraft-1], Survival, Vacc-1.

Desision Thaddice, 98ABE7, age 34, Engineer, Medic. From the toxic Mithras system, Desison has lived a life of adventure and romance. A sailing accident two years ago has not slowed him down. He dropped out of college to join the Scouts.

Art, Astrogation, Carouse, Engineer (J-Drive-1], Gun Combat, Language, Mechanic, Medic-1, Science [Biology-1], Seafarer [Sail-1], Survival, Vacc-1

Alisiella Vereto, 86B9D7, age 31, Chief Engineer. Graduate of the Imperial College of Yori, her diploma hangs proud in the engineering section. She has large scars on her back from an accident she does not like to talk about. She has an antique pistol from a gambler she saved years back.

Animals, Astrogation, Electronics [Comouters-1], Engineer [Life Support-1, Power-2], Gun Combat, Language, Mechanic-1, Navigation-1, Survival, Vacc-1

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