Sunday, March 19, 2017

Traveller Sunday

Through a series of real life/miscommunications, we've managed to miss one of the 2 players the last two sessions.  As the characters had separated anyway, it worked out, and we've managed to pull them back together.

So, resuming on day 245 of 1104, Travis has been carousing with the guards and staff.  Few rumors of any import arose, although Li did communicate that something big was going to go down soon.  Dr. Boris found no widespread corruption or abuse, but inventory of certain drugs did not always match.  Purity's research found no systematic abuse.  There was a higher number of injuries to non-Cyan prisoners which was some indication of the hostilities from the often xenophobic Cyan natives.

The morning of 245 was muggy, with the constant sound of insects loud against the jungle noises surrounding the Level 1 facility.  Suddenly, the sound of shouting and screams rent the air.  Travis, his 2 Cyan guards and his Marine guard Pennity rushed back to the guard station to the sensor ops room.  There, Almill, one of the remote drone monitors, seemed to be having problems with the drone that was near the area of disturbance. Purity and Travis got a call from Li about a mole vehicle breaking the ground.  Without footage, the players had no idea what was going on.  Travis, in his youth and inexperience, did not notice the furtive manner of Almill, but Corporal Mell did.  Drawing her firearm, she requested the drone operator to step away from the console.  He did so with some speed, and the operator next door got the video going in time to see the drone digging its way back underground, escaping from the approaching APCs.  Almill was arrested on charges of aiding and abetting, while Travis and his guard retinue went out to view the new hole in the ground. 

Boris and the head warden were now on their way from the main administrative/hospital area, almost 200 kilometers away. Via a grav APC it would take under an hour to get there. In the meantime, the Renegade class ship in orbit started using its gravatic sensors to see if they could track the mole.  Resolution was not ideal from orbit, so the ship was fast approaching to get closer and perhaps find the fleeing prisoners.  Looking into hole, Travis wondered about a drone going in after the felling vehicle.  The drones at Cyan prison are large, grav drive based drones about 2 meters long, with audio and video capabilities.  The hole in the jungle dirt did not look stable enough for another vehicle to follow.  The drone followed the tunnel for almost a kilometer when the radio signal started getting too low.  They retrieved the drone and by now the Scout ship was significantly closer and had an almost 80% probability to the location of the mole.  The Scout ship was being flanked by 2 system defense boats from the local dictator, Aphix Irteepini.  Weapons went hot when the mole vehicle was located, and a missile was launched.  Several Imperial SDBs were heading out the confrontational area.

The primary issue is political: Cyan has its own government, a non-charismatic dictator who controls the army.  While the starport is an Imperial domain, the planet, while part of the Imperium, does have its own government. While there is some contention, what with a small rebellion, the Imperium normally stays out of local politics.  However, the prison is an official Imperial Prison, and so there is some grey legal areas. Additionally, the three escaped prisoners are leaders in the rebellion, and Irteepini would rather have them killed than returned to prison.  They are local Cyan but were interred in the Imperial prison along with hundreds of other political prisoners.

Apparently the prison break was well thought out: while the jungle and air space were monitored, no one thought about tunneling at that scale. The molepod was constructed locally in secret, using plans from the Imperial Army Corps of Engineers.  Cyan, being tech level A, had the tooling and wherewithal to construct this vehicle.

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