Monday, March 06, 2017

Traveller Sunday - At the prison

Due to a miscommunication, Thomas missed Sunday's game. As the two characters had actually split locations, that worked out okay.

We've dropped Dr. Boris off at the admin/hospital complex at the main gate (the only gate) of the prison. He has an attached Imperial Marine and 2 guards at all times for local protection as needed. His task is to verify that there are no abuses in the legal system on the medical side - i.e., patients are cared for and all that.

Travis and Purity travel on almost 200 km to the Level 1 section, with Li and another prisoner in the back of the grav APC. Li will be infiltrating the local prison population, which will clear the rest of her sentence. Purity is heading into the administrative side of things, to review the paperwork and personnel files.  Travis is to use his carousing skill (level 0, but it is there) to wander around and get a more general feel for things.  After an all too aggressive beginning, he relaxes more into the role of low-key snoop.  In the first week he picks up a rumor of one of the drone/sensor ops guys having a far too nice condo back in Brigham.

Li has found that something big is to occur soon but she has not had enough time to find out any details yet.  Purity has not found anything of obvious interest other than some petty thefts and minor guard abuses that have been recorded. She is pursuing some leads on potential guard/prisoner collusions.

On average, the local Cyan guards & staff, despite getting paid by the Imperium, are not forthcoming about much. About 70% of the staff are local Cyans, and have various levels of the native xenophobia traits.

So at this point I've rolled up Travis' Marine guard, one Pennity Mell, Corporal, along with the sensor ops guy and a bruiser thug that was in the back of the APC getting transported to the Level 1.  I'll need to generate some doctors, Boris' Marine guard, and a few other NPCs, and deal with reactions and all that.

We'll have to cover what Boris does, and we may do that via email to get the timelines synchronized.

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