Monday, February 20, 2017

Traveller Sunday - to the Prison

After a day of rest and non-ship food at the at least adequate hotel and dining establishment of the Class C starport on Cyan, our intrepid group, accompanied by Li Brewster from the prison ship, make the flight to the Imperial Prison known locally as the Jungle.

Dr. Boris is expected to inspect the hospital facilities, and question some randomly selected prisoners.  Travis, Purity & Li are flying over to the Level 1 prisoners to begin with.  They plan on inspecting various locations and seeing if there is any truth to the rumors of abuse and maltreatment.

So...yesterday's game play was fairly slow as I've not really had the time to get a lot of the background into place despite the 2 week hiatus between sessions.  As the prison is almost 200x200 kilometers, houses 100,000 prisoners, and has almost 10,000 personnel, it is a bit of an undertaking.

Hopefully this week I'll have time to get more details, gen up some interesting prisoners, figure out the hospital complex, the fusion complex, some sample guard least I borrowed some deck plans that work well enough for the prison cells.

BTW: Li is getting a free trip as she was most helpful in the prison ship, she is nearing the end of her prison term, and she actually has some useful skills that may be of use to the players.  I need to flesh her out a bit more with emotional characteristics, maybe an interesting image or something.

And no - I've not had time to get back to the software development. Maybe when Bryson goes to college...

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