Sunday, March 26, 2017

Traveller Sunday - some interesting people of Cyan

Characters with stats were generated via software (RPGSuite) using Mongoose rules. Part of the game in play. This link should take you to the WIP for the Cyan system:  Cyan Guide 

The 3 Cyan Rebels listed below were part of a daring escape that our young Scout Travis was witness to, and Boris and Warden Browartz are on their way as we last left our game.

Aphix Irteepini, Dictator of Cyan  5C8A96, age 42. A ruthless dictator who rose through the army ranks, Aphix is terrified of off-worlders. She has attempted to close off the starport but enough people are against her rule that it can be done.  Admin-0, Athletics-0, Carouse-1, Drive-0, Gambler-1, Archaic-0, Energy-0, Slug-2, Heavy Wpns-0, Melee-0 [unarmed-1, blade-1], Recon-3, Steath-1.

Irel Onzatt, Port Warden. 737A96, age 53. Irel faces the unenviable job of maintaining an Imperial star port on what has recently become hostile ground.  He is assisted with the Marine garrison, but the local regime does have a large squadron of system defense boats much larger than Imperial forces. He is in daily contact with the Count in his attempts to defuse the tensions.  Admin-3, Computer-1, Sensors-2, Pilot-2.

Wie Johnson, Marine Commander (Force Commander) A997C8 (age 46). A career Marine from Boughene, Wie was in Ground Assault and prefers an up front assault over nuance. He commands 3 50 soldier platoons.

Admin-0, Athletics-0, Drive-0, Engineer-0 [Power-1], Explosives-1, Gun Combat-0 [Energy-1, Slug-2]. Heavy Weapons-0 [Vehicle-1], Language-0, Leadership-2, Medic-1, Melee [Blade-2], Pilot [small craft-1], Recon-1, Stealth-0, Survival-2, Tactics [Military-1], Vacc Suit-2

Marquis Milueala (Millie) Barout of Rhylanor, Imperial Representative for Cyan 78865D (age 43). Having served as a diplomat for her career, Marquis Barout has settled down on Cyan as the Imperial Representative. Currently living at the starport in her yacht, the Aedil, she is brokering peace between Aphix and the Imperium. Her current duties are focused on the prison situation, which has escalated recently due to the underground escape of Janet Soo, Macahim Kaitloy and Ellina Hailion.  She does want to get back to her residence, hoping that it has not been damaged since the 1099 uprising.
Admin-2, Advocate-1, Carouse-1, Diplomat-1, Electronics, Gambling-3, Gun Combat [Archaic-1], Melee [Blade-2], Persuade
Warden Hoovert Brownartz, Commissioner 558D56, age 51. A small Asian male with over 30 years of law enforcement, Hoovert rose through the ranks and is now the Warden for the Cyan Prison.  He is also past the requirements for retirement, and plans on retiring sometime in the next year.  He also has reservations about the current political situation on Cyan and the Imperial Prison located on such a volatile world, and welcomes the review by our Travellers. He is close friends with the Marquis of Cyan as well as the starport administrator.
Admin-1, Deception-1, Drive, Flyer [Grav-1], Gambler-1, Gun Combat [Energy-2, Slug-3], Melee [Unarmed-2, Blade-1], Recon-3, Streetwise-2, Vacc
Janet Soo, Cyan Rebel. Former Army career officer who was disillusioned by some of Aphix’s treatment of non-Cyans. Refusing to take part in the attack of Startown, Janet has been in Level 1 for several years.

Macahim Kaitloy, Cyan Rebel. Janet’s trusty assistant, Macahim was also thrown into prison. He is as disillusioned as Janet, and has secretly (unknown to Janet) blown up more than 1 government building. No casualties as he was careful to choose times when people were not present.

Ellina Hailion, Cyan Rebel. Ellina was an actress who wanted to get more than local fame. Getting cut off from the wider Imperial audience she felt she deserved, she made several public announcements which eventually lead to her incarceration. There she met Janet and Macahim, and using her contacts, managed to stage the entire escape, basing it off one of her early adventure movies.

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