Sunday, May 02, 2021

Montca / Yontin 1107 A639997-C

Felt bad about a filler post. Here is a picture of the Montca system. See this post for the initial details. I'd do more but sadly the lawn requires mowing. And funnily enough, when I do mow that, I oddly think about Traveller, The grass clippings, not worth anything here, could be a useful cargo for some system that needs biomass. Though the economics don't really make sense, it always make me think what is worthless on on planet may be valuable elsewhere. And that I never have completed my Traveller trade program despite many, many tries! I think the original Winform one was mostly there way back in 2009 or so. Getting laid off gave me a lot of time to write code for my own use! Not that I recommend it otherwise, but it was actually an excellent learning experience. So if you can, make sure you have a buffer set up in case something happens! And that too applies to gaming: it seems that a lot of my characters live hand to mouth, and while it is fun to play, in the "real" world I like to be able to plan ahead a bit more.

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