Thursday, April 08, 2021

Other Blogs

I do read other blogs, though to be honest, I go from the stats page here to see where some of you are coming from, then find all sorts of neat blogs. And I am also sure I've done a similar post in the past. But hey - this is my mid-week I really should post something post...

Anyway, this post from Lich Van Winkle shows that Traveller may have had the first d66 table! So that is pretty cool.

I get a lot of hits from alea iactanda est as I am on his blog roll.

Of course I cannot ignore Michael's blog the Traveller Adventures, that got me started on the January challenge! I see him on occasion over on COTI where I also get a few people from, as it is in my signature there. A great resource!

Alesmiter has some interesting posts. And I like the name!

And Spinward Scout's Way Station is full of Traveller goodness.

And while not a fan of video blogs (I like to read, videos just don't work for me for some reason), Shawn Driscoll is doing some interesting things as well.

And someone else likes indices! Here's an index to the JTAS from Mongoose over at My Traveller Universe.

Anyway, just a wordy post - if you want me to add you to my blog role (see the right column, no, your other right :) ) I can add that. I've not mentioned all the blogs on the right as they are already posted (as are some of the ones I've mentioned here), but I was digging through the stats on my blog as it is always interesting to to see where people are coming from. Well, interesting to me at least.

And a later update: found this solo Traveller game blog from COTI; adding to my blog list on the right there.


Baron Greystone said...

I'd be pleased if you'd add my blog to your list! Traveller is in the mix of subjects.

Craig Oliver said...

And done.