Saturday, March 16, 2019

Random thoughts

Poking around sites and found Riftroamer's site again. A lot of great Traveller and other 3D content. So a picture of Big Bertha, the truck that transferred the cargo pods from Warehouse 31 to the Anomalies Run (see for his cool stuff). Although I think this is a little TOO big if that door is any indication!

Also still thinking about restarting for about the 15th time the Traveller Tracker. Maybe make it Mac compatible via the .Net Core. That would make it more of a command line took rather than a Windows GUI. But sometimes I just get tired - being writing code for almost 40 years and maybe I need a change of pace, try something different. But it is what I do for a living, and sometimes it is still fun. But programming without a real audience or expectations is somewhat pointless to me. I do keep Visual Studio updated at least...but so much for my plan of getting a Windows Store App out. Plus I really want to revamp the whole thing. Again. I just don't want to get started it seems. Although I have been doodling for a revamped, more generic cargo system (last version was trying to be version specific, now I am thinking an interesting hybrid. But then it becomes house rules and who would want to play with my rules?)

There was some conversation after the last game session about longer games. This was from one of the younger players. The way our group works is we usually have 2-3 concurrent games due to the size of the group. We alternate between 1 and 2 month sessions. Most games try to be "complete" by the end of the session. I managed in the 1 month intro game to actually complete that particular Traveller adventure (4 sessions covered character creation and two days of in-game time). Then we did continue that for a 2 month session one month later, but only got to the end-game on the last session and it was not actually completed. We did have chunks of people out sick and so I slowed things down a bit to try and get everyone in on the last and not-quite conclusive session. Hopefully we will be able to continue that game - I think there is potential there. And I think I am getting a bit better at refereeing. Other than combat...In college we played pretty much the same campaign for about 2 years, off and on. Somewhere I think I still have Scout Nathan Brazil (hey, I was reading the Well World series at the time and thought the name was cool). A short fat guy who had a lot more charisma than I did. I based his physical appearance from a character in one of the Journals (JTAS 09):
And entirely unrelated to Traveller, turns out another of the players in the group also got the Fantasty Trip I Want It All set. I believe that we will be able to play a few rounds of In the Labyrinth at some point this summer - between the two of use we'll have at least 4 copies of the game. And that game has a very well-defined combat system. Kinda looking forward to that: I am hoping we can do a shared world where I can play sometimes and he referees, and then the other way around. In the same world. 

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Shawn Driscoll said...

I program just for my own use, since my Traveller apps are very niche anyway. And I don't have to worry about any licensing as well.