Sunday, March 24, 2019

Kickstarters and Traveller

Kickstarter has been a boon to the gaming industry, and a bane to my wallet. Another boon is the advent of digital publishing: there is far less overhead to publishing a PDF versus a physical book. Although my preference is for physical books, as I can read those without power or an internet connection, and loan them out to friends and around the table.

My first Kickstarter was Traveller5 - got the signed hardback, extra dice, the electronic version on a jump drive (I could not resist!). When that BBB (Big Black Book, to differentiate from the LBB - Little Black Books I've cherished for decades) showed up, it was an exciting moment for me. Regardless that the game in the book was not actually playable as such, there are some really fantastic parts and pieces in there I've used in a few places now.

Then a deck plan came out with a mini of the Grendel. It was the Beowulf essentially - between the clever play on words and the really nice 2 sided poster and the mini, I was in. And now I am a super-backer, meaning I am spending way too much money on Kickstarter.

However - I have several Traveller things I never would have bought otherwise: the Great Rift set with some wonderful maps I will sometime be able to bring to the game table, the Element Cruisers set which are used in the Pax Stellar system (missile pods - 5000+ missiles should be enough to take care of the planet!), Traveller collectable card game (still now really sure why I got that other than a Traveller & Kickstarter addiction) and now a Journal-like publication from a long time Traveller fan, Rob Eaglestone. While geared towards T5, most Traveller stuff is interchangeable by filing off the serial numbers. That last one also made me start going back and reading the stuff I already have for Traveller. I;ve got most of the CDs as well as a lot of the classic stuff in print. Plenty of things to mine and use, and simply enjoy.

I've also got a few other things that I may yet be able to use in various games. But I do have a bit of spare money and like to help those creative people who have the guts to go out on a limb and try to publish cool things.

And one of the larger Kickstarters showed up this week: The Fantasy Trip. I don't have all the additional things yet (the add-ons are shipped separately) but that was a big box. I've been playing Death Test. My first party of 4 died in the 2nd room, killed by 2 bears (bears are tough!). The next party of 6 is up to room 6 or so, but 2 have been killed off: a gargoyle managed to kill my one bowman, and a tough fighter killed off poor Bran. This Kickstarter came with erasable character cards, so I've been playing with those for the characters in play, using the actually prettier than I thought it would be Melee mat, and the Melee rules and game pieces as well as my ancient miniatures.

I'll try & take a picture next time: I play for an hour or so then have to put it back in the big box. Cats, you know! But this is both fun and practice for me: I hope to not only continue the Traveller game, but also do a Fantasy Trip game. As previously mentioned, one of the other gamers in my group played as well, and also got the I Want It All pledge, so we have plenty of material to go around. Plus I have most of my old rules as well, so there are multiple copies of the rules to go around.

The X-Boat Kickstarter that I am really looking forward to:  XBoat Zine

Sadly also backing the Mongoose Journal one although I probably already have at least half of what is going into this:

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