Sunday, February 10, 2019

Iac - A Bit More Detail

As the players managed the rescue of the Axion class merchant, they are heading to Iac after all. There they can refuel, restock, and see what Captain Sally of the Cytec ship will give them in reward for assisting with their rather tumultuous exit from jump space.

I've expanded a bit on Iac: still a poor, non-industrial world. The class A port on a planet with 3,000 inhabitants requires that the port population is not counted in the official Scout records. I've made the port mostly self-contained with a small startown that is more sleepy bedroom community than startown. Although with the law level of 1, you can pretty much buy anything you want here, if you can find it and can afford it. All those warehouses in the port must contain some really interesting items!

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