Friday, February 22, 2019

Session 7 - Picking up furniture

After Morgana and Iva head back to the ship, Qat, Osrum and Max approach the concierge of the port hotel to get information about transferring 12 dTons of furniture from a warehouse to the ship. The very chipper concierge finds the only Rent-A-Stevedore in town (yes, it is now a thing in my universe) that has a truck large enough to transport 3 4dTon cargo containers full of fancy furniture from the warehouse to the port and be able to load it on the ship itself. A 4 ton container is about the same size as a shipping container, and fortunately the ship has two capacious cargo bays that are normally loaded with science gear and supplies.

After warning our Travellers that Warehouse 31 is in a not particularly nice area of town, and then becoming aware of the Navy issue gauss rifle that Max is carrying, he indicates that the Rent-A-Stevedore should have its representative in shortly, and they can wait in the lounge where breakfast is currently being served.

Finishing their repast, a strapping young man shows up and introduces himself as Jon Smith. He has the lead car out front with the wide flashing "Wide Load" sign blinking, and behind that is Big Mac, a large grav vehicle that will be used to transport the loads. They drive on to the warehouse, meet the gruff manager, and with the transfer of the ship's Cr60,000 they were entrusted with, start moving out lot 381. The warehouse manages to move the first crate to the bed of Big Mac, the three stevedores strapping it down and verifying it is safe to go. The Travellers do notice a couple of homeless people watching with interest but nothing untoward. The small convoy goes back to the port and manages to transfer the container to the port cargo bay. Big Mac has a nice extendable crane to maneuver large loads. The second trip is equally mundane, and the homeless people have wandered off. On the third and final trip, though, there seems to be a small group of people waiting near the warehouse. As the final container is getting loaded on the grav truck bed, they start to approach. It also appears that they have weapons, mostly crowbars and the like. While the stevedores are unaware of this, being behind the container and loading, Max, Osrum and Qat take some alarm and prepare themselves. Max's version is to shoot a spray of gauss needles in front of the group. The hypersonic needles make small sonic booms before they splatter the road material all over the group, along with small shards of what remains of those bullets. As this was a result of digging up the road a bit, the group was not seriously injured but ran away. At this point, the group decides to look inside the containers to verify that yes, there is indeed furniture in the container. The rest of the final trip goes uneventfully as they load the last container into the cargo bay with the other containers.

Now the plan is that this expensive furniture, bought at well below the market value, will have a high resale value over at Pax Stellar. While the Navy ships won't particularly use it, there is both a Crucible class station in orbit as well as a large and sprawling base on one of the two moons. Some of the people have been stationed there for years, and Sabsawa feels that some of the more well-off scientists, who can get quite snooty, may want to revel in expensive furniture.

There is also a smaller cache of entertainment gear that she managed to pick up, straining the current budget a bit. Those crates are in the other cargo bay along with Osrum's miscellaneous cargos and the air raft.

Fine Hellaborian Wood Furniture

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Michael Thompson said...

Stevedores and cargo handlers will exist into the far future. Just think that any encounter with people in the campaign can be adventure fodder. Like meeting a guy everyone on a ship knew was a thief as a stevedore or painter during maintenance.