Sunday, February 17, 2019

Session Pre - Searching for cargo

While the rest of the crew was out shopping and eating in interesting places, our valiant and capable ship's administrator/purser/partial owner of the Anomolies Run was busy scouring the local nets for cargos that may prove useful to the next world, Pax Stellar. Taking into account that is a red zoned world and patrolled by the Imperial Navy, she suspected small goods, particularly in the entertainment area, would be a good thing to look into.

Despite getting an excellent price on some cheap rocket skates (with no formal government, a very low law level, and somewhat captive population working at the starport, entertainment can become quite extreme.

Below is the list of items Sabsawa has scrounged up as possible cargoes. Knowing the ship currently has about 50 tons of available tonnage (4 tons is taken by Oeg's air raft, and Osrum has about a ton of things he has also picked up along the way), and knowing everything had to be available for ships and stations only, she limited her searches that range of items.

First, the port itself is willing to pay for records transfer to the Navy. This is supplemental mail and Naval public briefings, a large electronic cache stored on 2 encrypted drives. Seeing as there are currently 3 Naval officers on board, as well as an ex-Navy Lt, they can transfer the data.

The 2 tons of rocket skates were considered briefly for the base on the moon but dropped when considering potential insurance costs.

There were 4 dTons of VR entertainment units that are sitting over at warehouse 31. These were to be transshipped but the traders never showed up. Currently impounded for storage fees and available.

There is 12 dTons of luxury furniture, made of Hellboria wood. Originally planned for the cousin three times removed of the grandson of the Wescott family patriarch, the furnishings did not go with the rest of the house. Created by Rafael Tagliatelli, this is exquisitely designed and beautiful furniture consisting of a complete living room, library and bedroom set.

  • Naval records and supplemental mail: Cr10,000
  • 2dTons Acme Rocket Skates: Cr 90,000
  • 4 dTons VR equipment: Cr60,000 (she rolled an 11 on purchase price - 40%!)
  • 12 dTons luxury furniture: Cr85,000 (not such a good roll)
And no, I did not actually roll on the tables. I did use the actual value table to set the base price for the VR (using it as computer parts, base price Cr150,000). The other prices are made up - I know there is a mail contract in the rules some place. I thought book 2 would have it as it as the ship design as well as the cargo stuff. But alas, I could not find it. I do remember it actually required a physical safe locker, but as this is going to be on two small crystal drives, the ship captain's safe will suffice.


Jackie said...

Again, thanks! You do a lot of work for our entertainment, but I suspect you enjoy this too.

Michael Thompson said...

That was a nice session prep explanation.